Up to 30.000 erdogan supporters expected in poland

Up to 30.000 erdogan supporters expected in poland

In poland, the police are preparing for one of the roughest operations in a long time: a turkish demonstration with up to 30 people is planned for the afternoon.000 participants registered, mostly supporters of the controversial president recep tayyip erdogan. Right-wing extremists also want to march through the city at the same time. A total of 2700 police officers are to ensure that there are no violent confrontations.

The turkish minister of sport is expected to attend the rally, the official theme of which is the thwarted military coup in turkey. A live broadcast to president erdogan was disputed until the very end. The organizers of the rally even appealed to the federal constitutional court on saturday. They wanted to get the ban on such a transfer overturned by the colonnese police.

But in vain: the judges in karlsruhe confirmed the ban in the last instance this evening. On the one hand, the power of attorney of the legal representatives did not meet the legal requirements, it said. On the other hand, it was not evident that the decisions of the lower courts had violated the fundamental rights of the organizers. (az.1 bvq 29/16) police president jurgen mathies had previously stated that he wanted to prevent erdogan’s intervention at all costs "in order to avoid a highly emotionalized situation".

A demonstration by right-wingers will take place through the city center at the same time as the rally, which begins at 2 p.M. Police had banned the march, but the courts overturned the ban. Among others, the right-wing extremist splinter party pro NRW is behind the demonstration procession. The police fear riots, but the judges do not see sufficient evidence for that.
In addition, there are three other counter-rallies. One of them is also directed against the march of the right-wing extremists. The police expect that autonomous people will also arrive for this purpose.

German politicians have been critical of an appearance by turkish ministers in poland. FDP leader christian lindner called on the federal government to "use all legal and diplomatic means to prevent the entry of these politicians".

Among the speakers expected at the rally is the turkish sports minister. Mathies said on saturday that he had been able to prevent a planned appearance by the turkish minister of agriculture.
Turkey is under a state of emergency after the failed coup attempt. According to official figures, more than 18,000 people have been arrested and tens of thousands of state employees have been suspended.

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