Together at the sage

together at the sage

Many orange-clad men could be seen on the dog field near sandhof on wednesday afternoon. 19 community workers from the eleven member communities of the baunach alliance came to be instructed in the art of tree pruning by dirk kammlott, gardener at the bauhof in ebern.

From three counties

The baunach alliance, with its eleven towns and municipalities in lower and upper franconia, covers the counties of bamberg, habberge and coburg. The cities of ebern and baunach as well as the communities of maroldsweisach, rentweinsdorf, reckendorf, itzgrund, untermerzbach, lauter, kirchlauter, pfarrweisach and gerach are all involved in the project. Despite their differences, the cities and communities feel connected and traditionally have relationships in many different areas of life. In the school system, shopping or visits to the doctor, but also the natural connections were decisive for the new form of cooperation in the baunach alliance, can be read on their homepage.

This bond has brought together on wednesday the employees of the farms for the tree pruning course. With the gardener dirk kammlott from jesserndorf, who works at the building yard in ebern, an expert on the subject was available for the meeting. "The whole thing came together in an uncomplicated way", explained christian raehse, head of the municipal building yard in ebern.


In a previous meeting, the heads of the municipalities of the alliance had considered offering a tree pruning course, as there are many fruit trees in the municipalities that also need to be cared for. The okay was obtained from the allianz boss, burgermeister jurgen hennemann from ebern, and allianz manager felix henneberger was also taken with the idea.

View went up

Most of the time, the heads of the building yard employees were turned upwards when dirk kammlott applied the telescopic saw, removed aste and twigs from the trees and gave appropriate explanations. The time was favorable, because the fruit trees are cut only in winter. Traditionally, pruning of fruit trees is carried out by farmers and pruning of ornamental trees by gardeners, two professions that are fully occupied with other work during the vegetation period from spring to autumn.

In principle, fruit trees can be pruned twice a year: in the vegetation-free period between november and march and as summer pruning in the months of july and august. Both cuts have different effects on the tree. While winter pruning, the standard pruning method for fruit trees, calls for shoot growth in the following growing season, summer pruning is popular for coarse woody plants whose growth needs to be limited. Because pruning in summer removes substances (assimilates) from the tree, resulting in weaker shoot growth the following year.

You can always learn

The participants were not ignorant and one or the other knew the work of pruning well. But you can always learn something, especially when a proven expert like dirk kammlott gives the explanations.

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