Thurnau castellan shows the somewhat different hollywood film

Thurnau castellan shows the somewhat different hollywood film

He is castellan at thurnau castle and friends with a hollywood star: ralf wirth, who directed the shooting of the movie "the happy prince" was able to get up close and personal with director and actor rupert everett as well as oscar award winner colin firth in 2016. These took place not only in italy, belgium and france, but also in thurnau.

Friends with star director

Many scenes were filmed in the bower and north wing of the graflich giech palace complex, which served as a film set. "I was involved in production every day", says ralf wirth, who, together with his wife ute, was also invited by rupert everett to the film premiere in munich. "I have become friends with him", the thurnauer, who was allowed to slip into the role of the comparsen and play a potato trader in the strip, states.

Thurnau was hardly to be seen

Anyone who has seen the film will have noticed one thing: that it was shot in thurnau was barely noticeable. And so ralf wirth is pleased to be able to present the film to all those interested on friday, 27. December, a glimpse behind the scenes of hollywood production can be seen. He's showing "the slightly different film to the film", presents the making of, in which the thurnau castle also comes into play. "I am honored to have been given the rights to present", explains the castellan, who is allowed to show photos from the original film as well as a separate film "where you can, for example, look over the cameraman's shoulder as he works". The black-and-white film with the original voices of the actors also gives an impression of the daily routine of the actors, extras and filmmakers. He wants to entertain the visitors in the private performance with "a composition created by me in the form of film and images" surprise. Wirth also includes funny scenes that didn't appear in the original.

Admission is free

Admission to the event, which will be held on 27. December begins at 8 p.M. In the carriage house of the castle and will last about an hour, is free. Admission starts at 7 p.M.

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