The next wave of bypasses is rolling toward altenkunstadt

The next wave of bypasses is rolling toward altenkunstadt

When all motorists are allowed to cross the railroad crossing in mainklein again in mid october, the next wave of bypasses will be rolling toward altenkunstadt. The bundesstrabe 289 will then be closed for rehabilitation work on a slope between burgkunstadt and theisau. Mayor robert hummer (CSU) presented the proposed measures to alleviate the burden on altenkunstadt and its eastern suburbs to the building committee on tuesday evening.

On 15. October starts

The traffic will be officially. October officially diverted via maineck, baiersdorf and weismain. "In baiersdorf, a traffic light will be installed at the intersection of mainecker strabe and forststrabe to prevent problems with pedestrian traffic", said the speaker. A tonnage barrier is planned for prugel.

Georg deuerling of the free burghers of the boroughs (FBO) suggested that one should also be issued for altenkunstadter strabe in baiersdorf. "The truck drivers should drive via weismain to the freight handling center of the company baur in altenkunstadt, otherwise it will be a catastrophe with the heavy traffic in this part of the village", said the local council. Gunther czepera spoke out in favor of declaring the kulmbacher strabe in maineck a speed 30 zone during the detour. The state road 2203 divides pfaffendorf. The local residents would like to see a crossing aid underneath the new "pfaffendorf-mitte" construction area is to be built.

At a site meeting attended by representatives of the district office, the tram construction office, the police and the municipal administration, it was determined that a crossing aid was not possible due to the minimum construction requirements and the location of the bus stop. According to hummer, the same also applies to a site in the direction of burkheim. Instead, there will be a ford with appropriate markings and signs at the exit to burgermeister-will-weg. A mirror will be installed opposite the exit as soon as the ford has been constructed and the bus stop has been relocated.

There is currently a bottleneck in theodor-heuss-strabe due to the construction of an apartment complex by the raab construction company from ebensfeld. According to the mayor, this bottleneck will remain in place until friday, 16 friday. October, will last. Hans-werner schuster (CSU) complained that numerous construction site vehicles made for a long drive-through and sometimes dicey situations. The construction company should be advised not to park their vehicles on the street all day, which hummer assured.

Controversial neon sign

A container with advertising from a weismain construction company is located in the parking lot of the specialist retail center at rohriger kreis. This will be replaced by an illuminated advertising pylon. Johannes oppel from the building authority of the altenkunstadt municipality put the height at 4.40 meters and the width at 6.60 meters. Almut schuhmann (SPD) and georg deuerling proposed to switch off the lighting at 10 p.M. To contribute to the reduction of light smog. Oppel explained that illuminated advertising is permitted in a commercial area. In addition, he referred to a similar case in which the district office, as the legal supervisory authority, had rejected a time limit. It was agreed to talk to the applicant and to inquire about the legal guidelines.

In response to a question from michael limmer of the junge wahler union (JWU), hummer announced that the old bus shelter in maineck is to be torn down and a new one erected near the showcases. Construction to begin before the end of the year. Joseph jachmann (bundnisgrune) wanted to know if there would be a walkway in theodor-heuss-strabe as part of the redesign of the area around the raiffeisenbank in altenkunstadt. "Yes", replied hummer. According to oppel, this is to be built in the area between the junction with burgermeister-bohmer-strabe and the former synagogue. At an earlier meeting, georg deuerling had already pointed out that a guardrail was missing at the entrance to the clearing plant in the zeublitz district. Such a decision was not necessary, hummer announced. According to the planning office, there is no potential for danger. Pfaffendorf will receive a tempo-gerat. Drivers who keep to the speed limit are rewarded with a smiley smile.

At the most recent meeting of the building committee, mayor robert hummer announced a whole bundle of construction work that the committee had awarded last month in camera.

The biggest chunk concerned the municipal building yard: the yard of the facility is being repaved by the construction company gohl from mainroth at a cost of 50,022 euros. The company limmer und sollner is carrying out the plumbing work at the elementary school, which is currently undergoing general refurbishment. Cost: 36,280 euros. A new fire station is currently being built in the village of woffendorf. Two jobs were awarded here: the company manzer from woffendorf equips it with new windows at a price of 28 338 euro. The company fiedler from altenkunstadt will carry out the electrical work and will invoice the municipality for 18,599 euros. OFM communications gmbh& co. KG from burgkunstadt wires the computer room of the altenkunstadt middle school and installs the lighting for a total of 7453 euro. For the kathi-baur day care center a washing machine and a dryer are purchased at a total price of 3517 euros.

The area around the headquarters of raiffeisenbank obermain nord in altenkunstadt is being redesigned as altenkunstadt’s new center. In the course of the mabnahme the house gerbergasse 10 is demolished. The engineering office dr. Gerhard pedall from haag near bayreuth was commissioned with the pollutant investigation, which cost 2233 euros. In addition, the municipality is contributing 1,279 euros to the road expansion project of the burkheim hunting association.

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