The family wins

The family wins

"No, I have not really prepared myself", says sophie schmitt. For the first time, she received the german sports badge. Although it has taken part in sporting competitions on several occasions, it has not yet been enough to achieve the required goals.
But 2012 was a successful year for the schmitt family from arnshausen in sporting terms. Because dad holger schmitt, who is also deputy chairman of TSV arnshausen, has also successfully taken the german sports badge for the first time. And sophie's little brother tristan received the boys' sports badge. This certificate takes special status at the awarding of the german sports badge in arnshausen.

Special edition for the little ones
"The younger children often want to compete in sports, but do not meet the requirements of the german sports federation to earn a sports badge received", according to head of department markus brand. "That's why I had the idea a few years ago to reward the youngest participants with a 'special edition': the pre-sport badge". And the proud faces of the youngest participants speak volumes. Overall, the number of participants in the five disciplines has decreased. While in previous years there were more than 50 sports badges that could be awarded, in 2012 the certificates were prepared for only 24 pupils and young people and 9 adults.

Offers remain
Nevertheless, michael graf, chairman of TSV arnshausen, comforted the skeptics. The ripples in the turnout are everywhere, he said, which should not be overestimated. TSV arnshausen will continue to offer opportunities to earn the german sports badge. In this context, he expressed his gratitude to the two presidents markus and stefan brand for their commitment. The TSV arnshausen takes over the costs for the children and young people, the landratsamt those of the adults. Markus brand pointed out that the german sports badge would be 100 years old this year, and that the idea for it actually came from sweden. That's why the german olympic sports confederation (DOSB) has reformed the regulations as of 2013.

Bronze, silver and gold
The emphasis is still on endurance, strength, speed and coordination – and swimming is also a prerequisite – but now the bronze, silver or gold badges also show who has better mastered the requirements. It is hoped that this will attract more people to the all-athletes test.
For sophie schmitt not much will change: "I don't like swimming so much, I prefer running!"

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