The clearing plant goes down to earth

The clearing plant goes down to earth

Will the pettstadt clearing plant be upgraded and renovated or will the municipality of kirchlauter decide to connect the pettstadt district to the clearing plant in kirchlauter after all?? This question will be addressed by the municipal council of kirchlauter in the near future and a decision will have to be made. This was the opinion of mayor karl-heinz kandler (SPD) at the youngest council meeting.

Some time ago, the mayor had already pointed out that the disc diving body small clear plant in pettstadt was getting on in years and that consideration had to be given to its renovation. Everything is still fine at the moment, but the schoperk is coming to an end.

That’s why he had the engineering office (TBW) of werner make a study of the possible variants to bring the clearing system technically up to date again. Three variants were presented to the municipal council and the council must then decide which should be implemented.

Kandler announced that he will inform the citizens about the project, so that they are not put before the head, because of possible costs. In addition to the renovation, there is now also the possibility of connecting the village to the village of kirchlauter and the clearing plant there. Such a solution could then be paid for in the form of fees, while in the case of remediation, the citizens could be required to pay supplementary contributions. He wants to show the possibilities to the citizens at the meeting.

Another topic

In the further course of the meeting, the committee again dealt with the plan to establish a landfill site for excavated earth near goggelgereuth. The mayor informed the committee that the water management office now also requires a seal to the subsoil. Thus, the cost of the excavated earth landfill far exceeded what could subsequently be set against it in terms of fees for excavated earth. The mayor said that at least 100,000 euros more would have to be paid for the waterproofing. He therefore proposes to the council, in the next meeting, this excavated earth dump "ad acta" to put.

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