Test results take longer

The increasing number of corona cases in the city and district of coburg has unfortunately led to longer waiting times for the transmission of test results, but also to delays in contacting people by the health department. This is announced by the district office coburg and transmits some important hints. At the moment it can take more than 48 hours to get the results. Anyone who has had contact with someone who has tested coronapositive should not wait for a call from the health authorities, but should avoid contact and stay at home if possible. The claim of the health office is to call contact persons as soon as possible, but due to the massive increase in the number of cases, this is currently only possible with a considerable delay of several days.

Anyone who develops symptoms should call their family doctor or dial 116117. What to do when the quarantine expires but you don’t get a call?? According to the district office, "if you have reached the end of your quarantine period and have been symptom-free for 48 hours, you are automatically discharged from quarantine"." .

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