Steinbachers build new children’s playground

Steinbachers build new children's playground

Jochen and christian dressel, the two municipal workers, shovel sandy soil from the already roughly excavated soil into the wheelbarrow. A swing is to be erected here on the grassy area near the steinbach through road.

A playground and fitness area is being built here, just a few meters from the schwabach river. "Steinbach had a rough playground on private land. When that was then sold as a building site, the playground had to be dismantled", remembers mayor gertrud werner (UWG). Her predecessor alfred schramm had already been looking for a suitable place for a new playground. Only now, however, has it been possible to lease a site for a new playground on a long-term basis. The lease will run for ten years.

This good news was accompanied by a portion of luck. When werner inquired about the possibilities, she learned that the erlangen recreation association provides financial support for playgrounds. So the community decided to build a playground and fitness center. Werner sent off the list with the desired offers for play and leisure activities on the new square with the application.
At a price of 33,788 euros comes the tree removal. 50 percent of the costs borne by the local recreation association.

Exclusively made of metal

A table and two benches with stainless steel backrests already stand invitingly on the lawn today. "We only have metal equipment, because wood weathers too quickly", explains werner. A ping-pong table has also been installed and the slide is now on the flat surface it was designed for. It looks a little steep, but that makes up for the fact that the filling work has not yet been completed.

"A rough climbing pyramid gets there", dressel says, pointing to the flat where a rough circle has been shoveled out.
The new playground will then have a total of nine playgrounds.

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