Spring cleaning for a clean bath kissingen 2019

spring cleaning for a clean bath kissingen 2019

Beautiful weather and lots of mull: on saturday they were out and about again, the 197 members from 22 associations, collecting mull. Equipped with warning vests and gloves, everything that had been thoughtlessly disposed of in nature was picked up around bad kissingen. One association collected a particularly large number of dog waste bags that dog owners had simply left on the side of the road instead of disposing of them in the waste garbage cans provided.

After the gauze had been separated and disposed of in the service area, the helpers were again treated to a snack sponsored by the butcher’s shop hirtle and the bakery peter schmitt. On behalf of the city, the third mayor thomas leiner thanked the associations for their commitment. For the 93 kids who helped with this campaign, he had brought a surprise: a day pass for the terraced swimming pool. The chairman of the association’s advisory board, manfred stenke, thanked all the associations for their participation in this action, the employees of the service company for their help in disposing of the collected gauze, and the members of the european union who, as every year, took over the catering.

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