Small-wacken in neuensee

Small-wacken in neuensee

It is worth philosophizing whether one should really derive the term fan from fanatic, because at rock im wald in neuensee an extreme tolerance and open-mindedness of the stonercommunity prevails. Here everybody may be what he wants – whether follower, deep believer, apostle, preacher, hardliner, curious or only indieszenehinschnupperer. And exactly this mix makes the enormously lassige mood and atmosphere from.

Children, teenagers, fathers, mothers, grandmas, grandpas have one thing in common: they pay homage to rock’n’roll and inhale the breath of love and joie de vivre. In any case, all the little sheep are lying, chilling, picnicking on the soft grass carpet, happy, relaxed or in complete confusion. In self-forgetfulness and ecstasy, moshers stomp, headbang in unbridled enthusiasm; in this place, stonermuck is an outlook on life.

Even if for some it is only a nice release from the daily routine, it has already fulfilled its purpose. The guys from orgateam and all the volunteers and residents can take credit for this. And also for the food, the hygiene and the cribs and stables and shelters is again well taken care of. Here no one gets stubborn, the supply is constantly replenished in the form of suckling pig, veggie casserole, pizza, crepes, etc., the smell of delicious food lies over the land.

Lined up in the supply queue, which is of course all the more entertaining, the more like-minded people you can talk and blokk with. The immediate proximity to the adjacent campground, the wash and toilet house also know all to appreciate."So ingenious and peaceful here", confirms tom from ingolstadt. "2000 eggs for breakfast on saturday", sums up urban hofmann, the founder of the event. With eggs and bacon at 4.80 euro, peace and joy has become a reality. Love& peace all around, not to forget the aspect of friendships.

How many new ones have already been created here or old ones revived, surely cannot be counted. Also big is the joy, when a couple from the upper palatinate is here, who have met and fallen in love here, and this year has their little daughter with them for the first time.

The augsburgers matthias and tim, here for the fourth time, especially like the new motorcycle parking lot with camping in front of the tur. And many praise the new wheelchair platform.

The approaching storm has been defied, thanks to the many who have made all the lines tight and the stage tight. The stadium lawn sprinkler ran for hours and everywhere enough drinking water to counteract the extreme heat.

"Back to the roots one has probably at the 20. In honor of the 50th anniversary, even the organizers’ favorite band from bamberg has reunited, and several french bands are setting the tone this year. The fact that the women’s quota has increased enormously, was enormously well received.

The bands:
martial and hymnal the four guys of blacksmoker from wurzburg rock the stage with their pure and honest sludge rock. Blondies set the tone from now on. The singer eva from erlangen with her band willow child comes along very tender and delicate and enchants with psychedelic mystical bluesrock. Blown around by long blond hair, dressed in transparent black fairy robe, she hypnotizes barfub with her angelic aura.

And it goes on with woman power with spider from sweden with their power pack. Ann sophie, who makes furore with her husband john on the guitar. Incomparable their rapid tempo including unique sweat driving gymnastics.

More girl rock’n’roll is not possible, when thundermother, the next of the swedish connection, roll over their audience with rich riffs and rough-raw voices. The audience is already raving.

Finally – the greeks are coming! Koln, munich, dresden, and little neuensee are on her tour list. The psychedelic stoner rockers were already eagerly awaited last year . The compact guys of 1000 mods from chiliomodi near athens seem to be unleashed in spite of their loving swiss and drive their fans to the point of ticking off with their bass-heavy fuzz sound. A bit calmer than expected, they leave the stage. On inquiry one learns that also members were affected by the conflagration.

Straight from holle spidergawd transport their hollish beats in the night of the blood moon from norway. The deep-throated vocals and pers string playing make the audience seethe and sweat and forget about watching the natural event.

This is also stoned jesus from ukraine with extremely hard guitar riffs and brute doom sounds.

Headbanging and completely in exstasy the fans turn the night into a goddammerung and deify the guys of mustach from goteborg with their charismatic sanger ralf gyllenhammar.

Who still has not enough, continues in the partyzellt the turbojugend, where every year the post goes off until dawn. And still many are on their feet or lying on the grass carpet for the early pint on saturday and enjoy the chill blues music of folk’s worst nightmare, a formation of musicians from nurnberg.

As a potential incarnation of thin lizzy the nurnberg guys of midnight steamers mix it up in the afternoon with melodic powerful and at the same time honest two-voiced typical signature sound.Which is not to say that they don’t keep their own style and also help themselves to contemporary scandinavian music.

At 9.30 the great simmi of devil train from nurnberg was called to fill in for church of the cosmic skull. Unexcited, straightforward without snorkel they wrap the audience around their finger.

Unbelievable how two people alone alias igmar and claus-peter from beehover with only bass and drums can celebrate such a super-ordinary stoner-doom-mucke. Igmar plays the bass distorted and riff oriented with a deep and brute sound.

A crazy stage show is delivered by troubled horse from orebro sweden, who of course have to bring their startled horses, i.E. Fans, home again: very lax-relaxt with folkish borrowings and a wonderful refrain their "bring my horses home".

"I’m on vacation here and now – I’m not going to the bahamas or malle, I’d rather come to you" rejoices daniel by eric cohen. The guys from kiel smoke and drink beer on stage and chat with the audience, which is their "new wave of german rockmusic doesn’t do any harm.

What comes after that, however, is beyond the pale. The go faster nuns from bamberg and extra for RIW reunited after a ten-year break, because eagerly desired, go with the audience on a crazy original schrage journey. Like rumpelstiltskin hopping, destroying instruments, in the crowd stage-divend with original costumes and fast punkbeats they bring the fans to exuberance.

The youthful boys of vintage caravan immortalize themselves with unused, polished guitar solos in their energy-charged, overbearing, sweaty headbang performance. The guys from reykjavik/island founded the band when they were only twelve years old.

The people are in a frenzy when the old scene hares orange goblin pay homage to the festival with corkless hard rock at midnight. They dive into the crowd, embrace their fans and give everything – a strong finish.

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