Schalke manager heldt advocates video evidence

Schalke manager Heldt advocates video evidence

Schalke manager horst heldt advocates rapid video evidence in soccer.

"I congratulate dortmund on advancing to the semifinals. The fact that two german teams have made it this far is very good for german soccer and underlines the increased importance of the bundesliga in europe," said heldt in gelsenkirchen, "but such wrong decisions should not happen at this level."

After borussia dortmund’s controversial 3-2 goal in injury time in the champions league quarterfinal playoff against FC malaga, the schalker sports executive made a strong case for the introduction of technical aids. The decisive goal was scored after an offside position. "Fubball has developed rapidly in the past few years, the game has become much faster, and just recently such controversial decisions have piled up," said heldt.

"But instead of using or at least testing aids, the argument is always that they would change the character of fubball," heldt continued. "Then explain to a malaga player, who will most likely not have the chance to see a champions league semifinal again, that the goal given for 3:2 was a factual decision."

After the FIFA confederations cup (15. Until 30. June) wants to use goalcontrol goal-line technology in brazil, heldt calls for the use of other electronic aids. "Whether a ball is just behind the line or not, happens maybe once every 50 games. But you have offside decisions or other controversial scenes in every game. I don’t understand that in other sports like ice hockey or american football such techniques are used, but not in soccer."

The topic is discussed from time to time in manager meetings or discussions of the german soccer league (DFL), but according to heldt, there is "no consensus. He himself does not have a patent recipe for how to use video evidence during a game, "but perhaps once per half-time and per team would be conceivable. In ice hockey, that works without a problem".

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