Ruhestorung in kitzingen: this is how residents experience the situation

Ruhestorung in kitzingen: this is how residents experience the situation

Nighttime larb pollution from partying on the main, especially on weekends with fair weather, is a common problem in kitzingen, according to residents. Only last saturday morning, a gathering of young people at bleichwasen escalated. Three of them are said to have resisted the officers after residents had called the police because of disturbances of the peace. Readers then discussed their experiences with the nighttime alert on social media. The tenor: again and again the celebrations give them sleepless nights.

One reader wrote on facebook: "you can see, for example, what we have to put up with on the bleichwasen weekend after weekend! Shouting, squealing tires, loud music and something like this!" The revellers lacked respect for the police, residents and even each other.

Reader reports: nighttime alarm in the city center

Even on the other side of the main the alarm from the bleichwasen arrived. Former city councillor franz bohm, who lives in schrannenstrasse, reported to this editorial team: "they are already loud." In recent years, the situation has gotten worse. This year, the alarm has been limited so far. But: "there must not be as many as last year", said bohm. He hopes that the police and the city will find a way to keep the noise within tolerable limits. Because, in the opinion of the former city councilor, partying itself is part of city life.

According to a reader on facebook, however, the police do not seem to have found this way yet. Even in the city center of kitzingen, the partiers were beaten over the strange again and again. "Last night at midnight it was the same", she wrote on tuesday. "Shouting, speeding, tires squealing in the middle of town." At the town hall, the storers had stopped and celebrated with loud music. When the reader called the police, they didn’t show up – even though the officers promised her on the phone that they would come by.

Larmbelasting: 15 deployments in one year

On request, the kitzingen police reported that they had gone out on a mission in the night to tuesday, which fits the description of the reader. "We have talked to the young people on site", police chief markus hack explained. After a talk, the people had left without any problems. This is how it works in most cases. "If someone is reasonable, it remains with a speech", said hack. According to the chief of police, reports are more likely to be filed in the case of repeat offenders.

And what do the figures say about larvae loads at bleichwasen?? "We had about 15 missions from june 2019 to june 2020 that had to do with the topic of restraint.", reported hack. However, the figures can only be used to a limited extent. "We do not know whether everyone calls us", said the kitzingen police chief. In addition, especially on summer nights, there is a possibility that no patrol is available at the time of the shutdown. So the statistics only cover the cases that the police actually print out.

"In principle, you can always call us", emphasized hack. In addition, the police want to monitor the situation on the bleichwasen more closely over the next few weeks and make their presence felt. But especially in case of celebrations in the immediate vicinity, the chief of police advises to first point out the misconduct of the celebrators themselves.

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