Romantic song evening with wagner tenor in the golden eagle’s hat

romantic song evening with wagner tenor in the golden eagle's hat

The french tenor anthony lo papa, who has been a regular guest at the wagner festival in the climatic health resort for four years, had invited to a wonderful song evening with the famous song cycle "die schone mullerin" invited by franz schubert. He was accompanied on the piano by wolfgang pinkow-margerie.
The visitors felt that the musician’s special love and devotion was to german songs.
"The beautiful muller was composed by franz schubert as a song cycle for voice and piano in 1823 and it has not lost its magic to this day. The text is based on the collection of poems by wilhelm muller contained in the 77 posthumous poems from the papers of a traveling forest horn player published in 1821. Schubert set 20 of the 25 poems to music, and the content is decidedly romantic.
The interpretations of the first songs of the cycle were joyful and with a certain urge to love, and wolfgang pinkow-margerie was a master at providing the piano accompaniment in a fast rhythm to match. The second part of the song cycle then turned more into resignation, melancholy and impotent anger and showed the boundaries between an unbridled will to live, fear and despondency, melancholy and even depression.
The first concert was given by anthony lo papa in the johanniskirche church. He dedicated it to his late mother, who very often vacationed in wirsberg with her family. The tenor praised the collaboration with wolfgang pinkow-margerie: "it was a great pleasure that he was so well prepared. Already at the first rehearsal we found together."

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