Poll:criticism of trump’s corona crisis management grows

Poll:criticism of trump's corona crisis management grows

In a poll released friday by the washington post and ABC, 60 percent said they were negative about trump’s handling of the pandemic, while only 38 percent said they supported trump’s approach. At the end of may, 53 percent were still negative and 46 percent positive. In march, a narrow majority (51 percent) had approved of trump’s action, while 45 percent had rejected it.

Trump adviser kellyanne conway attributed the drop in ratings to the fact that the president no longer appears at corona briefings. It was no coincidence that scores were higher when trump himself raised the corona virus issue, conway told reporters on friday. "The people want to hear from the president of the united states. It doesn’t have to be every day, it doesn’t have to be for two hours, but from my point of view it has to be."Trump had made two day appearances at briefings of the weiben house coronavirus task force. The working group’s briefings are now almost non-existent, and when they do take place, it is without trump.

In the survey, 63 percent said it was more important to control the spread of the virus than to revive the economy. 33 percent expressed the opposite view. At the end of may, these figures were 57 percent and 37 percent, respectively. Trump seeks return to normalcy as quickly as possible to get economy moving again, despite tens of thousands of new corona traps a day. He is running for a second term in the presidential election in november.

In the survey, 79 percent said they always or usually wore a protective mask when they were around other people outside their homes. 15 percent said they would never or rarely put on a mask. There were no comparisons with the previous months for this question. Trump himself usually appears in public without a mask. During a visit to the hospital last saturday, however, he wore a mask.

For the study by the "washington post" and ABC, between the 12. And 15. July 1006 adults interviewed by telephone.

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