Thurnau castellan shows the somewhat different hollywood film

Thurnau castellan shows the somewhat different hollywood film

He is castellan at thurnau castle and friends with a hollywood star: ralf wirth, who directed the shooting of the movie "the happy prince" was able to get up close and personal with director and actor rupert everett as well as oscar award winner colin firth in 2016. These took place not only in italy, belgium and france, but also in thurnau.

Friends with star director

Many scenes were filmed in the bower and north wing of the graflich giech palace complex, which served as a film set. "I was involved in production every day", says ralf wirth, who, together with his wife ute, was also invited by rupert everett to the film premiere in munich. "I have become friends with him", the thurnauer, who was allowed to slip into the role of the comparsen and play a potato trader in the strip, states.

Thurnau was hardly to be seen

Anyone who has seen the film will have noticed one thing: that it was shot in thurnau was barely noticeable. And so ralf wirth is pleased to be able to present the film to all those interested on friday, 27. December, a glimpse behind the scenes of hollywood production can be seen. He's showing "the slightly different film to the film", presents the making of, in which the thurnau castle also comes into play. "I am honored to have been given the rights to present", explains the castellan, who is allowed to show photos from the original film as well as a separate film "where you can, for example, look over the cameraman's shoulder as he works". The black-and-white film with the original voices of the actors also gives an impression of the daily routine of the actors, extras and filmmakers. He wants to entertain the visitors in the private performance with "a composition created by me in the form of film and images" surprise. Wirth also includes funny scenes that didn't appear in the original.

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Sky’s the limit for hamilton: competition bows out

sky's the limit for hamilton: competition bows out

When lewis hamilton fell in love with the site of his historic triumph, he was moved to think of michael schumacher as well.

"I will always have the utmost admiration and respect, it is a true honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as you," the 35-year-old briton affirmed.

Hamilton is the sole grand prix winning baton as of sunday. The mark of schumacher’s seven world championship miracles can already be set in the next race in three weeks in turkey. "Every race feels like the first," hamilton said in portimao. His first was on 18. March 2007 in melbourne, australia. On the 10. June of the same year, the first victory followed in montreal, canada, 4856 days later the 92nd victory. At the grand prix of portugal.

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Romantic song evening with wagner tenor in the golden eagle’s hat

romantic song evening with wagner tenor in the golden eagle's hat

The french tenor anthony lo papa, who has been a regular guest at the wagner festival in the climatic health resort for four years, had invited to a wonderful song evening with the famous song cycle "die schone mullerin" invited by franz schubert. He was accompanied on the piano by wolfgang pinkow-margerie.
The visitors felt that the musician’s special love and devotion was to german songs.
"The beautiful muller was composed by franz schubert as a song cycle for voice and piano in 1823 and it has not lost its magic to this day. The text is based on the collection of poems by wilhelm muller contained in the 77 posthumous poems from the papers of a traveling forest horn player published in 1821. Schubert set 20 of the 25 poems to music, and the content is decidedly romantic.
The interpretations of the first songs of the cycle were joyful and with a certain urge to love, and wolfgang pinkow-margerie was a master at providing the piano accompaniment in a fast rhythm to match. The second part of the song cycle then turned more into resignation, melancholy and impotent anger and showed the boundaries between an unbridled will to live, fear and despondency, melancholy and even depression.
The first concert was given by anthony lo papa in the johanniskirche church. He dedicated it to his late mother, who very often vacationed in wirsberg with her family. The tenor praised the collaboration with wolfgang pinkow-margerie: "it was a great pleasure that he was so well prepared. Already at the first rehearsal we found together."

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Coburg: saving electricity doesn’t hurt, but it saves money

Coburg: Saving electricity doesn't hurt, but it saves money

The energy-saving consulting program "electricity-saving check by coburg stadt und land aktiv is going down well, report lisa guntner, marco hohn and marcel marx during an interim review.

Who pays attention to the power consumption, can save a lot of money.

For 99 euros, energy consultants marco hohn and marcel marx from the municipal utility company of neustadt offer intensive advice on where savings can be made in the household. Low-income households in particular are dependent on every euro. You could benefit from such advice.

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North korea apparently restarts nuclear reactor

north korea apparently restarts nuclear reactor

They showed that female smoke was rising from a building near the reactor hall, where the steam turbines and electric generators are kept hours. "North korea now appears to have commissioned the reactor," chimed in on the site.

The international atomic energy agency (IAEA) did not initially confirm the reports. The agency has no inspectors in north korea, IAEA chief yukiya amano said in vienna. "Since we don’t have clear insights, we can’t make up our minds."A spokesman said the IAEA was monitoring north korea’s nuclear programs through satellite imagery.

According to the interfax agency, an official of the russian ministry of nuclear energy expressed concern: "the problem is that this reactor from the 1950s may be in a terrible condition today. An accident had terrible consequences for the whole korean peninsula."Russia does not have any concrete evidence that the reactor is back in operation.

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Interns from the rhon for the rhon

Interns from the rhon for the rhon

Commerzbank has been organizing and financing a nationwide environmental internship for 29 years now. This year, around 70 interns will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the work of the german national parks, nature parks and biosphere reserves. Since 1994, the rhon biosphere reserve in hesse, together with the rhon nature and habitat association as a project partner of commerzbank, has been awarding two internships a year to students. This year, two interns from the region were given the opportunity to get to know the land of the open distant from a new perspective.

Elke schafer, head of commerzbank fulda, and martin kremer, managing director of the rhon nature and habitat association, buried this year’s environmental interns lara niedling and tina hartung in rhon.

Lara niedling is in the final phase of her studies in environmental protection technology at the university of stuttgart and has already applied for various master’s degree programs. "The internship was a great way for me to decide what to do next in my master’s degree, tells the 22 year old. In the rhon biosphere reserve, from may to july, they were able to look into various areas and participate in several projects. She accompanied regional manager antje voll to consultations with regional applicants and helped prepare and organize the rhon sheep exhibition and the genieber weeks. She also got an insight into the practical work of environmental protection and nature conservation. As part of the LIFE project, an EU program to protect bird species living in the rhonian open spaces, they built fences for heck cattle and planted fodder plants for the highly endangered scabiosa fritillary butterfly. She also did extensive research on topics related to biodiversity in the region, which served as the basis for a series of articles in the fuldaer newspaper.

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The adac-truck comes to two cities in the county

The ADAC’s inspection service is on the road again. ADAC nordbayern tests brakes and bumpers free of charge in northern bavaria. The adac truck is on the road again this year and can be found in bad kissingen and bad bruckenau.

The service is on monday, 2. And tuesday, 3. Marz in bad kissingen next to the cogeneration plant in kasernenstrabe and from wednesday, 4., until friday, 6. Marz, in bad bruckenau, at the parking lot of the rewe market. The callers are on site from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.

The prufdienst of the ADAC nordbayern e.V. Has been on the road for over 40 years in around 100 towns and communities, making a significant contribution to road safety through free vehicle inspections.

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Together at the sage

together at the sage

Many orange-clad men could be seen on the dog field near sandhof on wednesday afternoon. 19 community workers from the eleven member communities of the baunach alliance came to be instructed in the art of tree pruning by dirk kammlott, gardener at the bauhof in ebern.

From three counties

The baunach alliance, with its eleven towns and municipalities in lower and upper franconia, covers the counties of bamberg, habberge and coburg. The cities of ebern and baunach as well as the communities of maroldsweisach, rentweinsdorf, reckendorf, itzgrund, untermerzbach, lauter, kirchlauter, pfarrweisach and gerach are all involved in the project. Despite their differences, the cities and communities feel connected and traditionally have relationships in many different areas of life. In the school system, shopping or visits to the doctor, but also the natural connections were decisive for the new form of cooperation in the baunach alliance, can be read on their homepage.

This bond has brought together on wednesday the employees of the farms for the tree pruning course. With the gardener dirk kammlott from jesserndorf, who works at the building yard in ebern, an expert on the subject was available for the meeting. "The whole thing came together in an uncomplicated way", explained christian raehse, head of the municipal building yard in ebern.

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Expert: no clear winner in tv duel in hanover

expert: no clear winner in tv duel in hanover

That’s why media scientist wilfried kopke sees no clear winner. "Both have served different electoral milieus without being able to assert themselves decisively against the other," the hanover university professor told the deutsche presse-agentur in hanover on friday. On 20. January the state parliament is elected in hanover.

"Mcallister was convincing with his physical language and mobilized the CDU’s core voters, but weil was able to win over young and undecided voters with his language," kopke explained. Both the SPD and the CDU, on the other hand, had declared their top candidate the sole winner immediately after the debate on thursday evening.

The differences in objectives were most apparent in the opponents’ closing statements: "both focused on mobilizing their voters, which is especially important for the mainstream parties because they have problems getting their people to vote," said kopke. Mcallister spoke to the 55-plus age group, tailored to the NDR audience. "This was a statement for the people who are beyond midlife and live in the countryside."

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Kurz is the clear winner of the election in austria

Kurz is the clear winner of the election in austria

The conservative ovp and the greens are the big winners of the parliamentary elections in austria. According to projections, the ovp with party leader sebastian kurz received 37.1 percent of the vote, an increase of 5.6 points compared to the 2017 election.

The greens, with top candidate werner kogler, made it back into parliament on sunday evening with 14 percent, virtually equaling their record from 2013. The ovp and the greens surprisingly had enough mandate together for an alliance. The government crisis surrounding the ibiza video, which led to the new election, did not harm kurz and his party in any way.

The losers of the election to the national council are the right-wing fpo and the social democrats. The spo of party leader pamela rendi-wagner only managed 21.8 percent – a minus of about 5 percentage points and the historically worst result of the spo. The defeat for the crisis-ridden fpo was even more pronounced, with only 16 percent of the vote. Two years ago, the right-wing populists received 26 percent of the vote. General secretary harald vilimsky indicated that the fpo sees its role in the opposition in the future. Norbert hofer, head of the fpo, also did not see the election results as a mandate "for a progressive entry into coalition talks". The liberal neos improved by 2.5 percentage points to 7.8 percent.

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