Out of the country, into the city!

Out of the country, into the city!

The idea sounds idyllic: living in the green, the peace and quiet, just birdsong – a natural living environment for daughter elena-maria (3). But when michael and anette schlosser move from wurzburg to kirchehrenbach, the young parents soon realize that "the expectations we had were not fulfilled after all. She is disappointed to note that "as a newcomer, it's hard to fit into the established social structures. It's not easy to find friends and acquaintances, he explains. "We are not club people!" The result: the schlosser family travels to forchheim more and more often – to stroll, shop and take advantage of the offers for children. This is also available in kirchehrenbach, explains the father, "but only to a limited extent. Moreover: "the way to work is shorter in the city". So what had to come was: the schlossers closed with kirchehrenbach and moved to forchheim. They bought a corner house and recently started living in the heart of the city – far away from the workplace! As far as the purchase price is concerned, michael schlosser nuchtern draws the balance: "in kirchehrenbach the prices per square meter are lower than in forchheim – but the plots of land in the countryside are too coarse and therefore also expensive at the bottom line". In addition: in the city, the land price is at least stable in value, whereas in the countryside, it is falling. "The sum of it all has told us: we fit better into the city. Here you are more flexible in every situation – even in old age"

Plea for country life

The ebert family has moved from nurnberg to the countryside. Quite deliberately. "We wanted to settle down with our children where our offspring had room to play – and where we were still close to forchheim", explains christian ebert. The place of choice is schlaifhausen, where they live in the countryside with a view of the walberla – but that's not entirely by chance: because christian ebert comes from forchheim and the plot of land in the countryside already belonged to his parents. The young family appreciates the "overly small neighborhood". Silvia ebert feels good: "we are well integrated – especially through the children". School in wiesenthau is just outside the door for son ben (7) and daughter sinja (9). "It's worth it to us, say the parents – although both have to commute to nurnberg for work. There is no reason for them to move back to the city.

Rescue in the real estate

"People are afraid of the decline of the euro and invest in real estate", notes roland schafer.He is the head of the valuation committee at the district office in forchheim, where the standard land value list is drawn up every two years. The average price per square meter of building land in the individual communities is determined on the basis of the purchase contracts signed. On the one hand: more and more contracts are being signed. "We have already exceeded the threshold of 1500 completions", emphasizes schafer. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that "the number of owner-occupied apartments and developed plots of land that are being purchased is increasing at an above-average rate". Undeveloped plots of land were also traded at the moment – but this was no longer the main focus, emphasized schafer. Reason: since the economic stimulus package, there has been a boom in the construction industry – and new construction prices are correspondingly high. Every private house builder knows: "it costs a lot of money to put up a new hat", explains schafer.

The land prices are

The real estate agent karl-heinz polster, who is also an expert for real estate valuation, also refers to the yield: "for capital investors the initial yield should be above four percent. This is only achieved with second-hand properties". For the forchheim area, polster notes "that land prices have been falling continuously since 2002, with a few selective exceptions". The standard land value for the area of forchheim-east, for example, was 230 euros in 2004, but only 210 euros in 2010. Due to increased demand, however, there has been an increase in the price of apartments. In the countryside, on the other hand, prices continued to fall. Even the standard land values were no longer achieved. Polster: "I don't accept anything anymore – I can't get rid of it anyway",

The situation pays

"The fact is", the head of the savings bank's real estate department, alfred schmidt, notes that "people are opting for the city center: they want a better infrastructure, schools and to save themselves long car journeys". There is more demand than supply in forchheim, emphasizes winfried nagel of raiffeisenbank. Three things are decisive for buying a property: "location, location, location!"

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