Olivia jones keeps her bein bones in a casket

Olivia jones keeps her bein bones in a casket

Hamburg drag queen olivia jones (49) has kept a special souvenir from her leg shortening in 2017. "I have the bone fragments that i had removed in a jar of alcohol in my kitchen," jones told the german press agency in hamburg.

"I thought no one would believe you anyway. Then you must have these bones. And the operator also found this very funny." That look like a soup bone. "I find this quite interesting. There is hardly anyone else who has his own bone in the kitchen."

She can’t spoil her appetite with that, because jones has transformed her kitchen into a styling and peruke room. "I can’t cook and i prefer to leave that to the professionals on st. Pauli. We have so many restaurants here. I can have a different cultural meal every day. And that is great."

Jones will be on 21. November 50 years old. The entertainer from springe/lower saxony has been on stage for 32 years. Drag queens" are men who present themselves as women in an artistic and humorous way.

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