Of bees and flowers

Of bees and flowers

Altenkunstadt- in the sixties and seventies, oswald kolle shed light on the bees and flowers in films that were sensational at the time, and now the theater group of the concordia cycling club is giving a lesson in clarification. And family friendly and highly amusing. "Stupidity is no protection against love is the comedy that the amateur play ensemble performed on saturday evening in the elementary school gymnasium. The premiere was very well attended. Three more performances to follow.

106-year theater tradition

With the sumptuous three-act play from the pen of siegfried burger, the actors continue the concorden’s 106-year theatrical tradition. In the past few years, the lively team has proven on several occasions that it is always good for a surprise.

What is it about? At the center of the action is gustav bader, bravouros played by benedikt wicklein. Since he fell from a tree 20 years ago, he has been extremely difficult to understand. His recently deceased father not only left him part of the farm in his will, but also gave him a say in all matters. But this only applies as long as he is single. No wonder that gustav’s brother alfons (frank walcher) and his tyrannical wife agnes (petra maile) fall off the wagon at the reading of the will. The two of them therefore decided to get the naive boy married as soon as possible. But for that, the man, who is totally inexperienced in matters of love and marriage, first has to be enlightened, and that is not at all easy. He gets tips and advice from all sides on how to make love work.

Gustav may not understand a word, but he’s eager to learn. So he sneaks around the house at night and watches through the keyhole what his niece susi (tanja kerling) and her boyfriend benny (philipp schunk) are up to in bed. Christine maile slipped into the role of the newspaper publisher rosa. The not quite dewy-eyed woman has fallen in love with gustav. How she would have liked to tell him this, but unfortunately she can’t find the right words. Frau grobmaul, spiritedly portrayed by karin daumann, finally ensures clarity. Agnes wants to set up the man-hungry furie with gustav. However, there is some confusion. In a wild brawl, woman grobmaul knocks down poor gustav with a club. When he wakes up from his unconsciousness, he is clear-headed again. Now gustav not only recognizes the true intentions of his brother and his wife, but also becomes aware of his feelings for rosa.

The spectators rewarded the performance of the seven "actors" with rapturous applause. During the almost three-hour performance, one of the performers had a "hanger", helped prompter alfred kraus. Petra kleuderlein was responsible for the actors’ hair, melitta kodisch for the makeup. Elke kleuderlein was responsible for the stage design and manuela deuber took care of the physical well-being of the spectators. Ensemble director petra maile, who spent months rehearsing texts and scenes with the actors, directed the play.

RVC chairman hans-werner schuster heated up the mood in the audience with funny jokes. The head of the concorden thanked all the contributors and helpers.

The theater friends have three more enjoyable education classes on the schedule. The performances on saturday, 30. Marz, and on 6. April start at 19.30 o’clock in the elementary school gymnasium. At the family performance on sunday, 31. Marz, the curtain opens already at 6 p.M. Tickets are available at the farm store schuster (langheimer strabe 19) and at the box office.

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