North korea apparently restarts nuclear reactor

north korea apparently restarts nuclear reactor

They showed that female smoke was rising from a building near the reactor hall, where the steam turbines and electric generators are kept hours. "North korea now appears to have commissioned the reactor," chimed in on the site.

The international atomic energy agency (IAEA) did not initially confirm the reports. The agency has no inspectors in north korea, IAEA chief yukiya amano said in vienna. "Since we don’t have clear insights, we can’t make up our minds."A spokesman said the IAEA was monitoring north korea’s nuclear programs through satellite imagery.

According to the interfax agency, an official of the russian ministry of nuclear energy expressed concern: "the problem is that this reactor from the 1950s may be in a terrible condition today. An accident had terrible consequences for the whole korean peninsula."Russia does not have any concrete evidence that the reactor is back in operation.

China’s special envoy to north korea, wu dawei, called for greater efforts to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free korean peninsula. Consultations should create conditions for a resumption of negotiations on an end to north korea’s nuclear weapons program, which have been frozen since 2009, wu dawei said at a meeting with U.S. Negotiator glyn davis in peking. It remained open whether the two top diplomats also discussed the nuclear reactor in yongbyon.

Tensions in the region had escalated significantly in february after a third north korean nuclear test. Following an expansion of UN sanctions, the regime in pyongyang repeatedly issued threats of war against the USA and south korea and announced an expansion of its nuclear arsenal. From the jointly operated industrial park in kaesong, pjongjang withdrew all 53,000 north koreans who worked there in sudkorean factories.

Only this week, south and north korea agreed to reopen the industrial park, which has been closed for five months. Until the closure, the complex was seen as an important source of foreign exchange for the impoverished but highly rusted north. South korean companies, on the other hand, benefit from the cheap labor of the north. The only major bilateral economic project was launched in 2004 and was seen as a step forward in relations between the otherwise hostile states.

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