Musical help for romania

Musical help for romania

The christuskirche was filled to capacity and, judging by the final applause, everyone had a very enjoyable and entertaining afternoon. Trombone choir, church choir and a new manner ensemble offered a lively musical afternoon for the benefit of the rumanian aid organization. The concert started with classical trombone pieces by M. Schutz, J.S. Bach and A. Kalmann, played by the trombone choir under the direction of gabriel konjaev. The church choir then spanned a wide musical arc from the classic jubilant song "gloria" to the "gloria" over african rhythms with "yezu azali awa" up to the gospel" just a closer walk"".

The choir was directed by irina konjaev and accompanied on the piano by gabriel konjaev. During the african song and the gospel, regina toifel emphasized the driving rhythms of the music with her cajon (drum).

In the following contribution of the "fo(u)r-to-night"-the manner ensembles could well give the impression that the famous comedian harmonists were singing in the church here. The singing of the four gentlemen with pastor hans-friedrich schafer and thomas fortsch as tenors and carsten constien as well as oliver kohrmann in the bass was impressive. Classic american evergreens – real earworms – were performed in a refreshingly modern interpretation.

The modern movement resp. The modern arrangement of the songs was created by the well-known musician K.D. Stolper had designed the songs and accompanied them on the piano. The performances of the four gentlemen were appreciated with strong and long-lasting applause.

With the reference to the continuing precarious situation in romania, especially in the old people’s home in mediasch, pastor schafer thanked irmgard conrad and the kiel family for their work. With a typical romanian stew, the romania aid group thanked the people for their help and support. The food on offer was well received, and everyone was visibly satisfied. At the end of the evening, the romanian aid organization was pleased to receive a donation of 650 euros.

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