Much applause for bernhard seeberger

Much applause for bernhard seeberger

This is certainly not how bernhard seeberger () had imagined his last council meeting as mayor. Instead of the meeting room, the committee met in the multipurpose hall. Seeberger, who missed re-election after 18 years in office as mayor, but will remain in the newly elected body as a normal councillor, bid farewell to six councillors at the end of the public meeting with words of praise and a heartfelt thank you. Because of the distance requirement, he refrained from a handshake; the certificate of thanks and a present were placed on the tables of the departing committee members.

Seeberger himself emphasized how much pleasure he had always taken in his office and that he had enjoyed holding it every single day: "it was a wonderful and interesting time. During my time in office, I have always been concerned that the general public, the community, should benefit from it.", he explained.

Seeberger then wanted to close his last public meeting, but head of administration martin hofmann and second mayor werner schorr (CSU), as well as heike weiser for the free voters, surprised the community leader with a personal thank you.

A "connoisseur of the scene

Hofmann recalled seeberger’s 36 years of local political activity for grobenseebach and other political offices. This long time has left its mark. The face of the community of grobenseebach has visibly changed in the period from 2002 to today seeberger, together with his political companions, has initiated and implemented many things. "Your communal services have been honored in 2015 with the communal medal of merit in bronze, a not everyday award, by the bavarian minister of the interior.", declared hofmann. The fact is that grobenseebach has a high standard of infrastructure and an outstanding financial situation that is the envy of many communities. "All these things you have brought in a very positive way on the way – you can pass this on to your successor in office as a political order."

The rich and personal wealth of experience will be missed, because bernhard seeberger is already a well-founded expert on all land relations from his work in land consolidation, and he knows the "grobenseebach scene" from long experience as well as many specific features from the family spheres. "I thank you for the many years of friendly cooperation and for all that we have achieved together for your home community", hofmann concluded, and there was applause.

But the head of administration also addressed the future mayor, jurgen jakel (mfg): "i congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on your new and challenging task. I offer you my personal support and my knowledge of grobenseebach within the framework of my unfortunately only short term of office quite openly and sincerely. I am looking forward to working with you and the new municipal council. Gluck on the community of grobenseebach, which has always been and will always be close to my heart in a very special way. Stick together – across all borders", hofmann concluded his speech.

The second mayor werner schorr also recalled the many years of local political activity of the mayor, who had always had an open ear for the people of grobenseebach and in particular for the associations, and thanked all of the people of grobenseebach for the good and long cooperation. "Actually I wanted to print you, but that’s not possible", said heike weiser, chairwoman of the free electorate. She also emphasized the work of bernhard seeberger, who was mayor with his life and limb, for the community and the excellent and friendly cooperation.

After the many words of thanks and the strong applause, the mayor, who was visibly moved, had to take the floor once again. He is convinced that his successor will also be a good mayor who cares about the well-being of the municipality. "If advice is needed, i am available for our community grobenseebach", seeberger declared to applause.

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