Motorcycle rally in kulmbach: enjoy the ride calmly, take your foot off the gas

Motorcycle rally in kulmbach: enjoy the ride calmly, take your foot off the gas

Calmness in road traffic contributes to safety, says bavarian state minister, who has been a regular at the kulmbach motorcycle rally since he took office ten years ago. From erlangen, he set off for the biker mecca of kulmbach, accompanied for the first time by the long-serving head of the federal employment agency, frank-jurgen weise, and the new head of the federal office for migration and refugees, jutta cordt.

More pictures from the motorcycle star ride in kulmbach
safety is the main theme of the star ride under the motto "arriving instead of perishing. The bavarian ministry of the interior, the upper franconian police, the bavarian driving instructors’ association and the kulmbach brewery have joined forces to help ensure as few accidents as possible at the start of the season. Supported by the city and district of kulmbach and the radio station antenne bayern.

No spabverderber

The organizers don’t want to spoil the fun of riding for the motorcycle fans – quite the opposite in fact. "We are counting on bikers to be more sensible, motorists to be more attentive and, last but not least, roads to be improved."

There were 9215 motorcycle accidents in bavaria in 2016, 8117 motorcyclists were injured and 133 died, says herrmann: "that’s fewer than in previous years, but every victim is one too many. That’s why we must not let up in our efforts to ensure a minimum level of safety."

Every motorcyclist can contribute to this by behaving responsibly and starting the season well prepared. How does the minister himself handle it?? Herrmann has undergone arm training for the trip to kulmbach: "when you haven’t driven for several months, it’s easy to lose your feeling for how the machine reacts." To be in control of your bike is one important aspect of safety, a second one is a regular technical check of your bike: "especially brakes, lights, tires and suspension must be absolutely faultless." The right protective clothing makes for good visibility and can significantly reduce the consequences of accidents if something does happen.

Herrmann appeals to all road users to pay particular attention to motorcyclists. Serious accidents often happen, especially when turning or overtaking. The risk of injury is particularly high on two wheels, because the motorcycles have no crumple zone.

Controls to slow down speeders

Since appeals to reason alone are often not enough, the police must monitor compliance with traffic regulations: "they do this not to punish road users, but to make the roads safer for everyone. Excessive speed is still the most common cause of accidents.

In addition to partnership on the roads, the minister is also concerned about "built safety" at the heart. "We are especially rutting out dangerous curves on the popular motorcycle routes with underride guards." This can be a lifesaver because it prevents bikers from slipping under the guardrail in the event of a crash and causing serious injury. "In the meantime, we have already rerouted around 600 curves accordingly. In the next few years, we will tackle 250 more dangerous areas across bavaria."
According to herrmann, around 440 million euros have been earmarked for built road safety in bavaria by 2020.

To help bikers get off to an accident-free start to the 2017 season, the state association of riding instructors offered warm-up training sessions at the kulmbach open-air swimming pool parking lot on both days of the sternfahrt event.

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