“Men like you are a godsend for our society”

Albin ruhl has retained his love of the fire department to this day. He’s at every event, even if it’s just a get-together. He can also be seen regularly at the singing club, the brass band and with the hunt tenants. From his active service period, which ended in 1993, the jubilarian has particularly fond memories of the comradeship he enjoyed. "Since I worked in the field, I never had to go on a rough assignment, tells ruhl, born in 1933. He even learned later about a major fire in tiefenstockheim.
Ruhl began his training still on a hand lever pump and a ladder carried on storage wheels. A tractor was harnessed for the operation. Otherwise, there were only a few tools. He can no longer say when a motorized pump was purchased, but at that point, the cow-pumping was over. It was the time when there was no siren in the village and the bugler cycled through the streets and blew the alarm.

"It is a good tradition to meet at the fountain and to enter the church together with the buglers", county administrator paul sternly found and thanked pastor wilson for a fitting service in a dignified setting. He was amazed to learn that 32 of the village’s 260 residents are active firefighters. Among the many young guards, there are also women – which is a matter of course for streng, "thanks to their ability to do and organize several things at the same time.

It was a special pleasure for streng to award two young florians, berthold heilmann and franz schubert, the gold medal of honor for 40 years of active service. "Men like you are a godsend to our society", stated sternly. The jubilarians, hardly noticed by the public, had been available for the general public 24 hours a day, around the clock, for 40 years. At the same time, the representative of district administrator tamara bischof regretted that both of them, together with their comrade manfred danner, were retiring from the fire department.

The chairman of the fire department association michael rink and commandant stefan rollinger also honored albin ruhl for his 60 years of loyalty to the fire department association. "A rare and therefore very special honor", rink stated.

Mayor heinz dorsch underlined his thanks for the municipality of seinsheim, saying it was important for even a small fire department to be able to help quickly in an emergency.

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