Megaproject will be expensive – and take time

Megaproject will be expensive - and take time

It’s going to be a real megaproject. From today on, it will occupy baunach and the other member communities of the administrative community (VG), i.E. Gerach, lauter and reckendorf, for another ten years. And it will be expensive. We are talking about the general renovation of the school in baunach. At a meeting of the administrative community, the current plans were presented in more detail.

Almost exactly four years ago, the first figures were heard at a VG meeting. And they ensured absolute silence in the meeting room at that time. An architect engaged at the time for a feasibility study spoke of total costs of eleven million euros for the general renovation of the baunach elementary and middle school. And today? In the meantime, the contract has been awarded to another architectural firm, which had already clearly contradicted this figure during the application phase – the new architect, peter kuchenreuther, uses completely different figures. At the special meeting of the VG assembly in the burgerhaus lechner-brau in baunach, 22 million euros were mentioned, plus around one million euros for evacuation rooms in containers and other necessary interim measures.

Kuchenreuther presented the general renovation in four construction phases (BA), each of which will last two years starting in 2021. Start with the elementary school (BA 1), followed by the administration wing and the first part of the middle school (BA 2). Then came the rough school hall as well as the remaining part of the middle school to the row (left building part, BA 3), finally the gymnasium and swimming hall (BA 4). In order to be able to accommodate the schools during the construction phase, kuchenreuther suggested setting up containers on the hard court to the north of the playground, but also the cross-use of rooms was necessary – middle school students would thus have to use rooms in the elementary school, and vice versa.

Principal rudolf hennemann also took part in the meeting. He was intensively involved in the preliminary planning in the past months. "The redevelopment is a great chance, because here the course for the next decades will be set. This also makes it possible to adapt the space to current pedagogical concepts, which no longer prefer frontal teaching only", kuchenreuther says.

"Classroom plus"

And so the preliminary plans for the general renovation include so-called "classrooms plus" two classrooms are connected by another room, which can then be used for project work, for example, or jointly by the classes. In the middle school, "open learning landscapes" could be created A "learning studio" was to be established in the M-branch – a flexibly mobile classroom with additional individual workplaces in the corridors and a rough room for seminar lessons, individual work and retreats. "Our goal should be to bring the school up to date not only in terms of fire protection and accessibility, but also in terms of teaching, principal hennemann explained.

The school building will (have to) undergo some structural changes. A rough question is the barrier liberty, it is to be ensured with an additional stairwell including elevator right of the main entrance. Fire protection and energy efficiency also play a decisive role in the general renovation project. The atrium in the elementary school could be omitted, it could be closed and converted into a learning landscape. The primary and secondary schools, as well as the gymnasium and swimming pool, are also to be clearly separated from one another – the school streams of the secondary school will then no longer be routed through the auditorium of the elementary school in order to reach the gymnasium, but through a new passageway on the north side of the elementary school. A cafeteria is not planned. "We conducted a survey two years ago, and only a few parents wanted an all-day school. In neighboring breitengubbach, where the school is also part of our secondary school network, such a project has just failed. We are therefore continuing to focus on the open form of all-day schooling", explained hennemann.

Discussion about costs

Naturally, the costs were discussed by the members of the community assembly heib. "We are currently in the most unfavorable time to build. Therefore, the costs should definitely be capped", said rudi wacker. Some members also referred to the old cost estimate of eleven million euros. Baunach’s mayor, ekkehard hojer, also chairman of the VG, pointed out that the gymnasium and swimming pool were not included at the time. "No one wanted to install golden water taps here", said rector hennemann, when the question arose whether the price per square meter of the construction costs did not correspond to that of luxury apartments.

Johannes morhard, who works as an expert with the architekturburo, also disagreed: "we are talking about a school here, and the traffic areas and room layouts alone are completely different from those of an apartment. You can be sure that we will handle the money responsibly."

And what about a new building?? "The government only requires renovation if the cost is less than 80 percent of the cost of a new building", kuchenreuther explained. "In a new building they also had much smaller flat approaches – such an existing building is a rough good." And hojer pointed out that the costs for a new location and also a new building had already been examined years ago. Nevertheless, kuchenreuther will once again carry out such a calculation – and present it to the community meeting. For the redevelopment of the building with a gross floor area of almost 9500 square meters, the administrative community will receive a demand of 50 percent, even more are possible.

No decisions were made at the meeting, which was merely an informational event. Thus, the VG-assembly will have to deal extensively with the first plans.

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