Mayor ladt to four meetings in the city area

mayor ladt to four meetings in the city area

In the course of several town hall meetings, the mayor of kronach, wolfgang beiergroblein, wants to inform the population about current events in the town and interesting developments in the respective districts, as the town administration reports.
The first event will be the burgers’ meeting at the knellendorf burgers’ house on monday, 20. November. Meetings follow in hofles (tuesday, 21 tuesday, 21 tuesday, 21 tuesday, 21 tuesday). November, wich inn), dorfles (thursday, 23. November, wagner inn) and in kronach (thursday, 30. November, in the accessible auditorium of the lucas cranach elementary school). The events, to which the mayor cordially invites all citizens of the respective districts, always begin at 7 p.M.
After the mayor’s report, citizens have the opportunity to speak or ask questions. All municipal matters can be discussed at these meetings. Suggestions and proposals for improvement are definitely desirable in this context. For this reason alone, the head of the city hopes for lively participation by the population in the castle meetings.
The right to vote is given only to the respective burgesses of the municipality, although exceptions can be decided by the assembly. Through the burgesses’ assembly, the burgesses can also influence the work of the city council. Motions can be passed that must be dealt with by the city council or a relevant committee within a period of three months.

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