Markus unsleber must write off hawaii qualification

Markus unsleber must write off hawaii qualification

What a misfortune. Markus unsleber started in brilliant form at the ironman in wales. With the goal of qualifying for the world championship in hawaii next year. Lying in 18th place in the overall standings, however, the end came for the triathlete from TV/DJK hammelburg. A fall while changing from racing bike to running ruined all chances for the rider from lower franconia and also caused him a fractured rib.
The three-time hawaii participant had this year his whole attention on this one long-distance triathlon directed. Even the bavarian championships, which he finished second, he competed from full training. Otherwise, the wulfershauser, who used to live in langendorf, held back from competitions. The last training sessions before the departure to wales went almost perfectly, the form was good as it has not been for a long time. Dieter klein from engenthal, who himself was several times german senior champion in running and accompanied markus unsleber at numerous training sessions on the bike, even said: "markus was in the shape of his life"." In wales the 38 year old wanted to get his ticket for the legendary ironman in hawaii again.

The competition day began at half past three in the morning with a short arm training session. Then breakfast and then off to the transition area to make the last check on the bike. Since the swim start at the camarthen bay was about 1000 meters away from the transition area, all athletes had to do a small fubmarsch in wetsuits. "Everybody tried to keep halay warm. This was not so easy with the cold sand", reports unsleber. At seven o’clock the start siren sounded. Everybody tried to get a good starting position for the 3,86 kilometer long distance with a short sprint. "After the first few hundred meters I was able to get out of the usual jostling and get into a good rhythm", tells usleber. After a good 55 minutes he left as 24. The overall standings already again the kuhle nass, was in his age group M-35 to date even in the lead. Now it was time to get rid of the wetsuit, slip into the shoes and run the 1.2 kilometers through the city to the transition area. The first part of the 180 kilometer long bike course was only slightly undulating. "There you could roll in halay well", unsleber was happy. But the wet and partly rough road surface demanded the highest concentration from the riders. In addition, the charming course through the countryside of the pembrokeshire coast national park was constantly up and down, and in part quite steeply.

"Despite the bad weather with various showers, I had real fun on the bike", said unsleber. So the hope was high before the final marathon run over 41.125 kilometers. Unsleber describes the following fall as follows: "on the last meters through tenby i played through the change again. I don’t know what the reason was. Maybe I was already too far with the thoughts. Anyway, I got stuck on the saddle with my right foot when I tried to jump off the bike while approaching the transition area. Normally no problem, just restart and continue – already done 1000 times. Only I came on the rather bad road probably a little too hard on the front brake. After the body center of gravity was very far in front, it went off over the handlebars on the hard asphalt, where I hit the chin ungently. So the spectators fell silent from one second to the next, but cheered all the louder when I got up again, packed my things and headed for the bike park."

Markus unsleber kept up a halay acceptable pace in spite of the pain. On the 10.5 long and four times to run round course with its narrow turns, which led through almost all alleys of the 5000 inhabitants paying small town, he overtook even athletes. "But the fall really pulled the plug on me. After ten kilometers it became more and more difficult from step to step, the left side hurt more and more, especially when running downhill.", says unsleber. After 15 kilometers, unsleber had to end the race with a heavy heart and go into the care of the medical department, which immediately admitted him to the hospital. Whether the TV/DJK athlete will dare to run the long distance again this year depends on how his recovery progresses.

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