Marchenbuch and motorsage

Marchenbuch and motorsage

As a child, i loved the tales of the grimm brothers. The worn book with the bright cover is still in my bookshelf, and many of the endlessly listened records i can still repeat by heart in parts.

It was only over the years that i noticed that the gebruder grimm… Yes, what actually: have told tales! A fake, a lie, without any connection to reality! Because let’s be honest: as a witch, you have to be very imaginative to steam your house in the forest with pepper cake, when it’s much easier and cheaper with polyurethane and a k-subsidy.

Parents must have neglected their little daughter’s regular eye examinations in order for her vision to be so blurred that she cannot distinguish a wolf’s face from the lady’s beard of her grandmother.

Children who turn into deer, little tables that lay themselves… Completely missing the reality. King’s daughter playing with golden balls at the fountain – off the beaten track. Next time you go to the hairdresser’s, just read the "bunte". Here’s what the ladies are really up to.

For me, the only thing that is understandable is the matter of brambles: in my garden there are bramble shoots that come from somewhere in the neighborhood. It doesn’t even take a fraction of the marchen-like 100 years – and already an almost impenetrable thorn hedge has grown again. However, no prince would be of any help, even if one of them was allowed to come by on his white horse.

The only remedy is a motorsage. Not romantic. But effectively.

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