Lichtenfels county is now an educational region

Lichtenfels County is now an educational region

It’s a matter of continuing to demand and expand educational opportunities and networks. The district of lichtenfels would like to score with this in the future as well. Because education is not least an important location factor.

How serious one means it with this qualitatssiegel and the associated obligation, became already clear on the way there. Three years ago, six working groups were set up on the obermain and the district administration was given the task of tackling this project. Maria hahn, who acts as coordinator on behalf of the district office, made it clear that the working groups should not be dissolved again, but that the networking and improvement process of existing educational offers should be continued. When the minister of education, bernd sibler (CSU), handed over the hoped-for brass plate on tuesday morning, district administrator meibner immediately formulated the next goal: now they also want to become a "digital education region" develop further.

The initiative "educational regions in bavaria" was launched by the ministry of education a good six years ago. The aim was to create optimal educational opportunities for all young people. The actors should come from the region itself, because – according to the conviction: education is a challenge for society as a whole, and successes in this area are always community successes. So it wasn’t just the schools that were called upon, but also local authorities, youth welfare services, adult education centers, the business community and social groups ranging from the sports and reading associations to the red cross.

Education is not only understood in terms of school and professional careers, but also in terms of heart and character formation, emphasized bernd sibler on tuesday in the great hall of the lichtenfels district administration office. "I am really impressed by what has been achieved in concrete terms", he continued and encouraged them to work together on this issue. "One spurs the want to get ahead."

The minister was also clear on the subject of digitization: it brings new, attractive teaching methods – in addition to the tried-and-true methods of teaching. The art is in the mix. Technology must serve pedagogy. "People, not technology, are at the center of all educational activities." Smartphones are time-consumers, so you have to say "stop", said the minister, who at this point expressly praised the initiatives in the district to require reading in all schools.

On the part of the school supervisory authority of the government of upper franconia, department director klemens brosig emphasized the relationship of trust that has grown through the lively exchange of those involved in education and upbringing.

Some examples of success in the obermain region

Cooperation: the lichtenfels school authority works together with the daycare centers to prepare the best possible transition for all children. Business driver’s license certificate: young people learn key skills for the world of work and business with the help of coaches from business enterprises. The project is supported by the foundation "lebenspfad" in cooperation with the economic forum obermain-jura. #klassedigital: in this project at herzog-otto-mittelschule, schoolchildren are acquiring qualifications to enable them to survive in the increasingly digitalized world of work. Support is provided by the german children and youth foundation and an insurance company. Training lowe: since 2009, this award has honored companies for their achievements in training. Project milestone: those who have had to answer to a juvenile court judge receive guidance and support in this project, which is supported by caritas, in line with the motto: no talent should be lost! Multigenerational house: the facility in michelau, which is run by the BRK district association, has been offering free tutoring and language support for ten years – this is particularly beneficial for children from families with low incomes. Active citizens: the organization is a contact point for people who want to get involved as volunteers. They then supported z.B. Schools with poor reading performance. Ecn class: using the "extra chance-class is a cooperative project between school, municipality, employment office and evang. Deanery michelau. Weakest students are challenged through a mixture of practicals and lessons in order to further develop the "quali to create and get an apprenticeship.

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