Kilometers eaten for the corona challenge

kilometers eaten for the corona challenge

Alex schott is still amazed. "A total of 39 soccer players from rottershausen and eltingshausen walked 1,753 kilometers in just one week, says the coach of the district league team. This is roughly equivalent to a distance from rottershausen to kiev. "We were marked uber facebook of the ASV ippesheim and thus invited to participate in the corona-challenge", explains peter werner, who is in charge of the facebook page of the FC rottershausen. Each participant named a cent amount that he or she would contribute per kilometer of the total distance of all participants.

"The most diligent was marco seufert with 155.2 kilometers, closely followed by robin wilm with 151.8 kilometers. In the end, the two had quite a duel", reports schott, who has announced that he will donate ten cents per kilometer after 1000 kilometers have been run. Now it is time to relax again. "In the end, things didn’t look quite as smooth as they might have", says schott.

Marco seufert "never thought at the beginning of the week that we would all be walking so much". The beautiful weather and the daily incentive to compare himself with his teammates motivated him to run much more than usual. "After a few days, my legs got heavier and heavier. At the end of the week I was probably one of the slowest runners", tells seufert, who ran a marathon on the final day. "Maybe it was a bit of youthful recklessness. We didn’t expect such a high number of kilometers to be covered. Marco and i ran over 100 kilometers each in the last three days of the challenge," reports schott, tells wilm.

According to alex schott, the corona challenge brought life to the group. "And it was already to see how the players motivated each other." In addition it is already to be done with the donation in the current corona situation something good. The more than 1,500 euros raised will go to two projects: to the #wekickcorona initiative of bayern pros leon goretzka and joshua kimmich, which is committed to social and charitable causes. The second half of the money goes to the kissinger tafel food bank. It was astonishing how much money had been collected. "After such an exhausting week, i am even more pleased that the whole thing was worth it", says 155 kilometer man marco seufert.

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