Interns from the rhon for the rhon

Interns from the rhon for the rhon

Commerzbank has been organizing and financing a nationwide environmental internship for 29 years now. This year, around 70 interns will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the work of the german national parks, nature parks and biosphere reserves. Since 1994, the rhon biosphere reserve in hesse, together with the rhon nature and habitat association as a project partner of commerzbank, has been awarding two internships a year to students. This year, two interns from the region were given the opportunity to get to know the land of the open distant from a new perspective.

Elke schafer, head of commerzbank fulda, and martin kremer, managing director of the rhon nature and habitat association, buried this year’s environmental interns lara niedling and tina hartung in rhon.

Lara niedling is in the final phase of her studies in environmental protection technology at the university of stuttgart and has already applied for various master’s degree programs. "The internship was a great way for me to decide what to do next in my master’s degree, tells the 22 year old. In the rhon biosphere reserve, from may to july, they were able to look into various areas and participate in several projects. She accompanied regional manager antje voll to consultations with regional applicants and helped prepare and organize the rhon sheep exhibition and the genieber weeks. She also got an insight into the practical work of environmental protection and nature conservation. As part of the LIFE project, an EU program to protect bird species living in the rhonian open spaces, they built fences for heck cattle and planted fodder plants for the highly endangered scabiosa fritillary butterfly. She also did extensive research on topics related to biodiversity in the region, which served as the basis for a series of articles in the fuldaer newspaper.

In regional development

Lara was succeeded by tina hartung at the end of july. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from leuphana university in luneburg and has been studying for a master’s degree in forestry and forest ocology with a focus on forest conservation in gottingen since october 2018. From the internship, she hopes to get to know the multifaceted fields of work in a biosphere reserve and to be able to participate in exciting projects. It is planned that it will focus on regional development. For the coming year 2020, students can apply for a commerzbank environmental internship, probably starting in october 2019. The rhon nature and habitat association will once again offer two three-month internships. R

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