Inauguration of the playground at the carl-platz-school

Inauguration of the playground at the carl-platz-school

When the time finally came, the elementary school students almost overran mayor german hacker and principal gabriele lommer. The long-awaited opening of the playground next to the playground of the carl-platz school has finally taken place. The waiting of the last days must have been unbearable for the children and then before the opening they talked and talked, the scissors for cutting the ribbon were not yet to be seen. In addition, the teachers had prepared and introduced a small program, which the children also mastered bravouros and got a lot of applause from the many parents and guests.

The stencils painted in the schoolyard by the employees of the painting company mehler on a "saturday action" the playgrounds, which had been built free of charge, could already be used. But the playground had not yet been closed off, much to the children's chagrin, and they assured that they had not yet been there.

But this afternoon there was much more, the parents' council took care of the catering, there was an art exhibition in the cafeteria and the individual classes had prepared games and experiments.

Shorter talks because of the sun
The children lined up in the schoolyard and opened the afternoon with the "eurovision melody" and then there were the speeches by the principal, the mayor, the parents' council, and the forderverein. To the happiness of the children, the sun was burning down from the sky and the speakers tried to finish their speeches quickly. Of course, an inauguration also includes a church blessing, which was carried out by pastor helmut hetzel and his evangelical colleague andrea schafer. "You allow me to keep my straw hat on, here in the courtyard it is really very hot", pastor hetzel asked for understanding. Finally, after the blessing and the closing prayer, pastor hetzel said "let's put an end to impatience", the mayor pulled a pair of barely noticeable scissors out of his pocket, gabriele lommer had the scissors with her from the secretary's office.

"Let's just pay for it", shouted hacker "three, two, one" the children paid loudly, the zero was no longer audible, the storm was already setting in.

Playground project cost around 56.000 euros
"No, we haven't been to the playground yet, that was forbidden", explained eight-year-old hannah and looked at her friend lisa, who is the same age conspiratorial. "Well, let's leave it at that, but such eyes can't really look." "Write this in the newspaper", lisa wanted to know "if you don't write this, we were in there before, nobody was looking and the people who did this weren't there either", said hannah, grinning somewhat mischievously.

But this playground project is also something to be proud of "we have around 56.000 euro invested" explained the mayor hacker, who thanked especially albert geinzer from the building office for the draft completion. The already divided area under shady trees and with a view of the wiwa pond is just as suitable for romping, climbing and balancing as it is for resting with the appropriate areas.

"Go out during the break, move and rage, it's healthy", the mayor challenged the children from. The fourth graders have only a few days left to use the beautiful playground. But the children, who will start school after the vacations, were already there to see their future rooms and, of course, to follow the mayor's advice "let off steam"."

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