Georg sittler has been a referee for 45 years

Georg sittler has been a referee for 45 years

90 years of the bad kissingen referee group. Truly a good reason to celebrate. And with style. The anniversary evening in oberthulba was also attended by a large number of honorary guests from the world of politics, who documented their close ties to the referees. Already a "member of the guild" for 45 years georg sittler, who like many of his comrades-in-arms was honored that evening. And who likes to chat about his curious career start in the then still black uniform. "Alois brand and michl kopplinger, members of the TSV ebenhausen management team, asked me at a hunting party whether I could imagine becoming a referee after I had to stop playing soccer at an early age. A few days later I was registered", recalls the 70-year-old. A week later georg sittler received his first game from chairman willi burger. In langenleiten. Without having taken the referee’s examination. "I only bought a rule book and the corresponding clothing later on. At the test we were a good dozen, only I was left over." Even today, the ebenhauser is closely connected to the group "because it’s fun for me and the camaraderie in the group is great."

Red card for the referee

Ten years ago, georg sittler ended his career as a referee, but he still looks after the young referees and dresses up in the costume of saint nicholas at the christmas celebrations. Among the anecdotes georg sittler has up his sleeve are the two match abandonments. "The one was a seifriedsburg, there i had a torn muscle fiber. The other, of all things, in my very last game after a brawl in stralsbach against the second team of FC 06 bad kissingen." Sittler also has to smile at the memory of the player who held the red card under his nose – which had fallen out of the ebenhauser’s pants. And the rehearsals with the house and court orchestra of the referee group, which he founded, in his mother’s kitchen or in the little garden house next door. The 70-year-old likes the fact that today’s generation is being challenged professionally. On the jubilee evening tim schoch was honored by norbert krockel as a special promotion to the district league, finn bottcher together with nikita kolodenzyi whistled the most games in the past season. Which, of course, is also a compliment to sebastian wieber, the instructor of the group, who acted as moderator through the evening of honor. "I think we have presented ourselves as a group very well. It was an entertaining evening and we received very positive feedback", said wieber.

The management team around chairman alexander arnold had invested a year of preparation time with plenty of meetings to organize this event down to the last detail. "It was a successful and well run evening, for which we received a lot of praise", said arnold, for whom the referee’s daily routine returned just a few days later as head of the bavarian league match between SC eltersdorf and SV seligenporten. Key statements by the guests of honor at the anniversary event of the bad kissingen group

Sandro kirchner (member of the state parliament) i was an unofficial referee at senior citizens’ games, my son’s youth games, and even at the rough community cup. It’s no easy task. I admire the performance of the referees, who are able to keep a cool head during heated games. The referee should be brought more as a sportsman in the foreground. Recognition is needed by all. When you see the many details in the room tonight, from the table decorations to the design of the stage, as well as the excellent festschrift, then you can say that this is a great performance by the group and simply a successful evening. Walter moritz (head of the association of referees) the referee group of bad kissingen consists of many young referees and many young functionaries in the leadership. It has to be said that the group has done a lot, not to say everything, right in the last few years. The main challenge is to maintain the current level, but I am confident that this will work. The inhibition threshold for verbal and physical violence has fallen. This lack of appreciation is the reason why many referees quit again after training. About 1000 referees quit every year for these reasons. Thomas bold (district administrator) even with strong emotions, you have to be able to take yourself back so far in order to finally make a decision that can be supported as far as possible by all those involved. Jurgen pfau (BFV district chairman) here is a young force that has made the transition for the future. Norbert krockel (district referee chairman) as an albertshauser, the referee group is more or less my home group, where i have been a member since 1976. When you see the many young people, you can already see the radiant effect of alexander arnold and sebastian wieber. That we have with alexander and sebastian two bavarian league referees and with konstantin schaab a state league referee, has never happened before in the kissinger group. This evening was a successful family celebration with high esteem of the present political celebrities. Matthias huttl (chairman TSV oberthulba) referees and line judges are often insulted, offended or even threatened. We also experience this loss of authority in public life towards rescue workers or teachers. Julia herrlein (district manager) of course we would be very happy if more madels/women would decide for the referee hobby. We certainly have football enthusiasts in the district who could take on this role competently. Honors of the SR-group

5 years: christoph foller, marco foller; 10 years: michael moritz, christian voll; 20 years: andreas bold, franz diez; 25 years: torsten schulz-stellmacher, marco wiebner; 30 years: lothar erhard, karl-heinz helmerich, mathias kebler; 40 years: rainer coslar, robert hammer, hans schneider; 45 years: georg sittler.

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