From the courtroom to jail

From the courtroom to jail

A scene like something out of a detective story took place on wednesday in the habfurt district court: immediately after the sentencing, the two convicted men, each 35 years old and both from an asian country, were led away in handcuffs by police officers. Reason for the detention orders: risk of absconding.

The duo was sentenced to long prison terms for sexual assault and grievous bodily harm. The officials transported the delinquents to the correctional facility in bamberg.

About a dozen witnesses and three sworn translators had been called by the court of record, presided over by criminal judge roland wiltschka, to find out what had happened at a late hour at last year's sander wine festival. The two men had attended the party and were "completely out of line" after midnight, as prosecutor christoph lehmann put it.

18-year-old attacked
Around one o'clock in the morning, the two, accompanied by a third compatriot, left the compound on a dirt road. Allegedly to leave.

When they saw a young woman sitting on the ground, one of the group hunched over to her on the lawn. The other two walked about ten meters and then stopped. Obviously, as the court assumed, to stand for smears.

But the one who had made a pass at the 18-year-old schoolgirl sat astride her thigh, so that she could no longer run away. While he held her mouth shut with one hand to prevent her from screaming, he grabbed her breast and thigh with the other hand. "I've forgotten everything and don't even want to remember it" the young woman sobbed as she was questioned as a witness on shaky knees.

Since she resisted with all her might, she fortunately managed after a short time to call for help and escape. She was upset and shocked when she told her close friend what had happened. The latter was quite drunk, but approached the three suspects and asked them to go to the police station.

They didn't agree with that at all and the two 35-year-olds started a scuffle. The third, a younger boy, held back – saving him from prosecution.

In any case, during the brawl, all of them were giving out, but the friend of the injured girl suffered some bruises on her body and a black eye. The violet, he described in the witness stand, was still visible for two weeks.

A good hour later there was another sexual assault. This time from the ubeltater who had only played a passive role in the first incident. Again in the vicinity of the festival he approached a 30-year-old woman who had gone to the toilet behind a bush because of the overflowing toilets. She was in the process of pulling up her pants.

With one hand, the 35-year-old grabbed the seller by the neck, the other disappeared in the still open pants. In the courtroom, he apologized a thousand times for his misconduct and said he had "wanted to make love".

Also stabbing on the block
A stabbing, which was instigated two months later by the person who had attacked the schoolgirl, was also tried. For no reason at all, he had attacked a fellow iranian with a 15-centimeter-long cake knife in the shared accommodation in which he was living. In the process, he injured his victim with a stab to the shoulder and cuts to the hand.

Without preservation
The knifeman was sentenced to two years and two months in prison. Prison sentences of more than two years cannot be suspended for probation. His companion of the same age received one year and eight months, due to the lack of extenuating circumstances also without custody. The defenders can challenge the verdict of the court by appeal or revision. Still in the courtroom the convicts were handcuffed and led away.

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