Federal agency sees little chance of job recovery in 2013

Federal agency sees little chance of job recovery in 2013

However, he now expects the average number of unemployed to be higher than the previous year’s level of 2.897 million. "The job market did so badly in the first half of the year that it won’t make up for it in the second half," weise said in nurnberg on thursday.

In june, the delayed spring revival had provided a slight boost to the labor market. According to the BA, 2.865 million men and women were registered as unemployed at last count. This is 72,000 fewer than in may, but 56,000 more than a year ago. Unemployment rate down 0.2 points on previous month to 6.6 percent.

Weise stressed that the german labor market remained robust, but benefited in june from catch-up effects from the cold and rainy spring. Many companies had initially postponed hiring because of the bad weather. "You could almost say that spring has slipped into summer," explained weise.

Among other things, he sees the rough number of job vacancies as evidence of the robustness of the labor market – although at 437,000, it was 62,000 lower than a year earlier. But new jobs are still being created, as employment statistics show. According to the latest figures, 41.84 million people were employed in germany in may – 246,000 more than a year earlier. The number of employees subject to social security contributions rose by 373,000 to 29.21 million in april compared to the previous year. Young, well-educated immigrants benefited disproportionately from the new jobs, it was reported.

The recent flood disaster has caused demand for short-time allowances to rise slightly in several federal states. Especially flood-damaged companies in saxony, saxony-anhalt, thuringia and bavaria are currently using short-time work to bridge flood-related production stops without layoffs, BA board member raimund becker reported.

Federal labor minister ursula von der leyen (CDU) believes the labor market is still in good shape. "The german labor market has come through the difficult economic phase well, it has come through the long hard winter well" and has "coped well with the restrained spring impulses", the minister said in berlin on thursday.

Young people in particular benefit from the robust german labor market, according to employer president dieter hundt. "In an eu comparison, young people in germany have the lowest risk of becoming unemployed."The main reason is the dual education system.

The german federation of trade unions (DGB) expressed concern about the high youth unemployment in southern europe. "While the german labor market is robust, especially in european comparison, young people in southern europe in particular are facing a bleak future," emphasized DGB board member claus matecki.

SPD parliamentary group vice chairman hubertus heil already sees "the warning lights flashing" when looking at the current figures. The critical european situation is having an impact on the german labor market.

The left-wing party in the bundestag criticized that there were still too many employees who could not live on their wages alone as so-called hartz IV supporters. In the eyes of the greens in the bundestag, the figures show that the unemployed are being hung out to dry.

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