Expert: no clear winner in tv duel in hanover

expert: no clear winner in tv duel in hanover

That’s why media scientist wilfried kopke sees no clear winner. "Both have served different electoral milieus without being able to assert themselves decisively against the other," the hanover university professor told the deutsche presse-agentur in hanover on friday. On 20. January the state parliament is elected in hanover.

"Mcallister was convincing with his physical language and mobilized the CDU’s core voters, but weil was able to win over young and undecided voters with his language," kopke explained. Both the SPD and the CDU, on the other hand, had declared their top candidate the sole winner immediately after the debate on thursday evening.

The differences in objectives were most apparent in the opponents’ closing statements: "both focused on mobilizing their voters, which is especially important for the mainstream parties because they have problems getting their people to vote," said kopke. Mcallister spoke to the 55-plus age group, tailored to the NDR audience. "This was a statement for the people who are beyond midlife and live in the countryside."

Weil, on the other hand, has told of the problems facing the state and has repeatedly addressed the issue of education in particular. "In this way, he primarily reached young families, living in the city and interested in politics," said kopke, whose conclusion for both was positive: "both have shown that they can be head of government in lower saxony. Mcallister already by his amtsbonus, because, because one believes him as a loyal administrator."

Kopke, however, also voiced criticism: mcallister had repeatedly gambled away the goodwill of the audience by his commentary and laughter during weil’s speaking time. His biggest weakness was the unclear positioning of a coalition with the left. "He had to make a clearer statement, now he has to live with the criticism."

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