Dfbunterspeaks admission of kfc uerdingen to the 3. League

Dfbunterspeaks admission of kfc uerdingen to the 3. League

The application of the regional league west champion for admission to the 3. The german football association’s (DFB) appeals committee will hear the case next monday, the DFB announced on wednesday evening. The background to this is an apparently untimely submission of liquid reserves, which all clubs had to deposit with the DFB by yesterday, tuesday.

"The liquid reserve of KFC uerdingen requested with the condition was received, according to the current status on tuesday, possibly only after the expiration of the exclusion period. According to the statutes, the failure to meet the deadline meant that the condition was not met and therefore no admission could be granted," the DFB statement read.

KFC immediately rejected the accusation: "in the licensing process, we have fully complied with all points, worked 100 percent transparently and correctly, and provided financial guarantees of a level that is unique in this league in germany. We have even transferred the money twice, our guarantees are impeccable and financially the strongest in the 3. League," club boss mikhail ponomarev was quoted as saying on the club’s homepage. Should KFC not be able to advance, he will end his engagement, he emphasized.

Uerdingen had won the playoffs against waldhof mannheim, the runner-up in the southwestern region. After a 1:0 score in the first leg, the second leg had to be abandoned on sunday due to rioting by waldhof fans. Only on tuesday, the DFB had rated the match 2:0 for uerdingen.

"We won a relegation for the first time in the history of the club, including the chaotic game in mannheim, where we, our families and players were attacked, insulted and spat at. We kept quiet, behaved professionally and earned our way up," said ponomarev. Should uerdingen be denied promotion for formal reasons, waldhof mannheim was promoted to the 3. League promotion.

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