Dance, talk show and a light show: the cvg celebrates its anniversary

Dance, talk show and a light show: the cvg celebrates its anniversary

It was a wonderful gala evening that the students of the caspar-vischer-gymnasium offered the more than 500 guests in the gymnasium on saturday evening. For the two-hour program they came up with a lot of ideas – and it ended with a light installation with the title "CVG shines – beam me colorful. The film, made by schoolchildren, was presented together with the music of mia foit at nightfall on the facade of the gymnasium. The musical arrangement of the evening was in the hands of barbara fries and grit pehle.

The gala evening opened with the school choir and the fitting song by friedrich von schiller, "ode to joy". This was followed by a colorful succession of play scenes with "godterbote", of the foundation scene and the discussions about the choice of branch.


One of the many highlights was undoubtedly the discussion session with the former principal uta von pezold and former students who made themselves available as eyewitnesses. For this, christian holhut, who led the small talk in a relaxed and skilful manner, had invited sigrid kraub from hutschdorf and andreas sauer, who was the first boy alone among girls in 1976, in addition to the former director. Moderator christian holhut: "for one it was a dream, for the other a nightmare." Sauer, son of the then dean of thurnau, is now pastor in lonnerstadt.

Christian holhut had come to CVG in the 1980s, as he admitted; he was part of the ABI class of 1993, and his classmates were certainly "fans" of his-it was a time when the CVG was quite well-positioned in terms of its mix of male and female students. That wasn’t always the case, which is why we’re looking back a few years to the seventies – to a time when the CVG was still a bit of a girls’ high school."

Uta von pezold, who taught english and history, was head of the gymnasium until 2000. To the question of what goes through her mind when she thinks of the CVG, the historian replied: "i don’t usually think of the CVG, but you guys are doing a great job." She admitted that she thought with some people: "he’ll never amount to anything"." By petzold: "when the schoolchildren in the 7. They were generally nice and sweet, but then came the years when you could chain them to the wall, but then it subsides again and then they do their school-leaving exams very well."

Her thanks to her former teaching colleagues, who "made something" of less talented students, were a source of amusement I didn’t have that gift." And when christian holhut referred to the rector of that time in her parker as the forerunner of today’s security, how she always had a watchful eye on the party guests, she replied: "i female, that was rubbed off on me, but i also had a responsibility." Not seldom they loved to show the school ID or the party guest had a nice wristwatch around which they loved to give and at the end he could pick it up again." Von pezold had a clear answer to the bavarian school policy: "please, no reform for the next ten years!"

The cock in the basket

In 1976, when the family moved from kronach to thurnau, andreas sauer had the choice: either MFG or CVG: "i don’t know how i got to the CVG, but my father must have arranged it." Being a single boy in a class of girls was not exactly a "pleasure tax" for andreas sauer either: "i think the situation was unfamiliar and took some getting used to for all involved, but looking back i can say: all involved got used to the situation quite quickly. Perhaps some of the male teachers had the hardest time adjusting to the unfamiliar situation."

From time to time andreas sauer had also perceived some jealousies of the male teachers. At that time, he had to attend the sports lessons with his younger brother at the MFG. And to the question of whether the career choice of pastor had anything to do with the girls’ high school, andreas sauer gave a clear "no.".

Sigrid kraub recalled an amusing incident with a mirror: "we sat for weeks with a mirror in front of our faces and learned the ‘th’ in english class. The teacher then went through the class – and those who couldn’t do it properly were pulled by the pigtails."
At that time the teachers were called "fraulein" addressed, and it was not until the caspar-vischer-gymnasium was established in 1994 that young teachers came to the school. "Our latin teacher always came with suit and tie, but suddenly there came young teachers with long hair and sweater. Some of us wondered how long they had been wearing it."
For sigrid kraub, the school years were not only already over, but she realized: "i learned a lot and i will do it again." That at that time also many hours were spent waiting for the school bus, dear screw not unmentioned. One of our schoolmates was even brought by her parents from azendorf to kasendorf by tractor every day, in order to take the train from there to kulmbach.

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