Dana schweiger flees fires in malibu in pajamas

Dana schweiger flees fires in malibu in pajamas

Dana schweiger (50) and her daughter emma (16) fled malibu in a dramatic escape from the forest fires in california. "The thick clouds of smoke were already above us and coming closer. It was terrible," the ex-wife of til schweiger (54) told the "bild" newspaper.

Uber die flucht am fritagmorgen berichtet sie: "ich habe eine nachricht um 6.30 o’clock in the morning, which said that we are evacuated. I thought we still had time, but my friend wrote me that we had to leave our house immediately."

She woke emma and six of her children’s friends, who were visiting from germany, said the u.S. Native. Then she shouted: "you have to get up immediately! We are being evacuated! Take your passe, toothbrushes and computer! Take your car keys and we will meet in the driveway. See how much gas you have left. Meet me in santa monica. Drive and do not stop!"

She herself was cursing in her pyjamas, reported schweiger. She took with her her identity card, birth certificates, inherited jewelry from her grandmother, old family photos from the last 25 years, some money and her two dogs, yoda and banksy.

It took them six hours to make the trip, which normally takes 30 minutes. The worst thing for her was that emma – the youngest of the four schweiger children – was in the car of a friend and no communication was possible because the radio masts had burned down, said dana schweiger. "I was so anxious because I couldn’t see emma. But luckily we met again in santa monica, when we had radio contact again."

When she can return to malibu is still uncertain. At the moment, there is no water and no electricity. At the moment dana schweiger is in los angeles at a friend’s house, the report continues. There is a hope that the house of the schweigers is still standing.

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