Cyberbullying is a big issue, especially among young people

Cyberbullying is a big issue, especially among young people

"This is a very rough subject that can go as far as suicide," ziercke said in an editorial interview with the german press agency in mainz. Unfortunately, such cases also exist in this country. Cyberbullying is now a focus of the weiben ring’s prevention work.

The former president of the federal criminal police office explained that volunteers as young as possible go into schools or to parents’ meetings to prevent such traps – "but always accompanied by teachers. "Because you can’t know whether massive cases of bullying are taking place in the very class in which you are giving a lecture."

However, it is not the task of the weiber ring to give psychological advice, said ziercke, who has been head of the victim support organization weiber ring since september 2018. One could only sensitize and show ways how affected people can find help. For example, that they should contact trust teachers or the weiben ring and its network partners such as the juuuport project, which specializes in support services for digitally bullied young people.

"You have to realize that you can’t solve a mobbing case like this on your own," said ziercke. Many were ashamed to tell of their own plight. Knowing that others have suffered the same fate can give you the strength to file a complaint. "Anyone who thinks they can handle all this themselves has drawn the wrong card."

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