Correctional officers push to the top

Correctional officers push to the top

There are 31 correctional facilities in bavaria, and all of them sent their representatives to the annual rude event, the vergleichsschieben, which this time took place in volkach. The two-day event was hosted by the ebrach correctional facility (JVA).

350 participants

"Volkach was a natural choice," said gerhard weigand, head of the correctional facility. "This city is a wonderful venue and, as a federal army base, it also has a modern shooting range where all our service weapons can be fired."350 participants shot their coarse-caliber pistols and rifles from all positions over the weekend. The scorching heat on friday and the rainy day on saturday had demanded everything from the participants.

Thomas baier from the ebrach correctional facility, who was in charge of the push, and his team had their hands full. "Thank god everything went off without a hitch," he puffed out on saturday afternoon, and the federal soldiers assigned as observers were amazed at what the "justicers" were up to.

Trophies for the winners

Before the festive evening with dancing and buffet in the mainschleifenhalle on saturday evening, thomas baier’s team had to evaluate and document all the achievements. There were 60 trophies with certificates to be distributed by the patron, justice minister bausback, to the winners of all disciplines.

The head of the prison in ebrach, gerhard weigand, was visibly proud of the performance of his staff and praised their extraordinary commitment. "The weekend was only on ’emergency mode’ in the correctional facility, but the prisoners understood that," grinned thomas baier.

Bamberg district administrator johann kalb was also proud of "his prisoners", who demonstrated a high level of efficiency and commitment, as they were also among the top bavarian prisons in the overall evaluation of the slide results?S.

Abolish armament?

Minister of state winfried bausback could only concur. In his speech, he referred to the high relevance of dealing with weapons and reported that in other countries the arming of judicial officers is to be abolished. "But this is categorically rejected by us", the minister emphasized. "Security in the penitentiary is an essential feature of our staff."

The minister recalled the ever-increasing propensity of prisoners to violence: "the clientele is becoming more and more difficult to deal with. Mentally disturbed prisoners and drug users are becoming increasingly unpredictable."At the end of the day, ebrach correctional facility received high praise from the top: the recidivism rate in the juvenile detention center has dropped significantly. "This is clearly their success in resocialization"."

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