Coburg: saving electricity doesn’t hurt, but it saves money

Coburg: Saving electricity doesn't hurt, but it saves money

The energy-saving consulting program "electricity-saving check by coburg stadt und land aktiv is going down well, report lisa guntner, marco hohn and marcel marx during an interim review.

Who pays attention to the power consumption, can save a lot of money.

For 99 euros, energy consultants marco hohn and marcel marx from the municipal utility company of neustadt offer intensive advice on where savings can be made in the household. Low-income households in particular are dependent on every euro. You could benefit from such advice.

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The energy-saving advice program is even free for low-income households.

110 households have already taken up the offer in three years, over 200,000 nationwide. In germany, the campaign is already celebrating its tenth anniversary.

One of the first participants in the region was anja kain from rodental. Two years in a row, kain had to pay high electricity back payments. She was desperate and stumbled across the newspaper on the electricity saving check. "The light bulb doesn’t care if there are one or three people sitting under it. Someone will still have to pay", kain describes your situation.

Consumption is checked

It didn’t take a week for marx to check the electricity consumption in anja kain’s apartment. In addition, the energy consultant also checked the water and heating systems. "I didn’t have to worry about anything," says, anja kain is pleased. All the appliances were scrutinized, she received tips and a 250-euro voucher for a new freezer on top of that.

The only condition was that the machine had to be rated 3A+ for energy consumption. "Many people are afraid, but it’s so simple", cain emphasizes. In addition, immediate aids such as energy-saving light bulbs or switchable power strips can help to save energy and water. These have an average value of around 70 euros.

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Fears that the consultation is an interference in the private sphere are unfounded. "If someone has taboos, like the bedroom, then that’s no problem", climate protection manager and head of the project lisa guntner can reassure. "We only check what the rider allows us to do." For hohn there is another problem with prejudice. "In the run-up, it’s often said that it’s useless anyway", the energy consultant tells. So far, hohn and marx have received only positive feedback from the participants. During the second visit, we check whether electricity has been saved.

Calculation as a comparative yardstick

It’s easy to tell from the bills. "So far, there hasn’t been a single household where we haven’t found anything", remembers scorn. Those who agree to participate in monitoring get a third visit. Even at this stage, useful tips are often added to the list.

On average, 110 households consume 3000 kilowatt hours per year. "Households save about 100 euros a year after the consultation", woman lisa guntner. With a new cooling device can even save about 200 euros a year. The vouchers for a new refrigerator have been issued to 57 households in coburg so far.

But the project also helps in terms of emissions. In coburg alone, for example, 130 tons less carbon dioxide have been emitted as a result of the immediate assistance.

Hohn and marx have also made curious discoveries during their visits. In one household, a hallway lamp from the stairwell ran on a tenant’s electricity meter with. "Unfortunately, there is also something like that", regrets hohn. A negative example was a defective refrigerator, which consumed 870 kilowatt hours per year. As much as an entire one-person household.

Free advice

Next monday, coburg city and country actively offers an advice evening. From 17 to 18.30 o’clock households with low income can take part in the "dialogue" coburg in the metzgergasse 13 for free consultation.

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