Church blossoms as a nursery

church blossoms as a nursery

Carnival in the church, is that possible at all?? In ebelsbach, this format already has a long tradition. On carnival sunday, many of the church visitors came to the "gartnerei sankt magdalena" in colorful costumes or masks. There, they experienced an unusual service, including a sketch with the "kirchgartner and the clown and a sermon on butter.

Even the entrance was special with marching music: accompanied by the altar boys, the garden team followed with pastor mathias rusin and deacon joachim stapf as church gardeners, joined by claudia reinwand in the role of the clown.

He had already seen many a scarecrow and weed on the way in: "I see very small plants there. Then I see flowers that are almost dead and a few strange birds in between, which are probably not deterred by the many scarecrows. But i see very few young, vigorous plants."

Kirchgartner stapf emphasized that it was precisely this mixture that was wanted. "The young plants should be able to grow into powerful plants surrounded by the older ones." Climate change is also strongly felt in the church. "We try to counteract this through our offerings and to keep our local church vibrant. Here in ebelsbach there are the best conditions, namely a really fertile soil."

Solving problems

But the clown said that it didn’t look as if volunteers were piling up here. He often sees a gardener sitting here in the middle of a few garden gnomes. Stapf agreed. "This is our major problem. Our concept can only work if we can gather many people here in a good, healthy mixture." The children’s choir sang the "gloria" to.

After the service, deacon stapf took the floor and delivered a rhymed sermon on butter, which contained both amusing and serious references, and repeatedly compared human life with that of the plants in a nursery. He also did not forget the municipal elections. "The candidates are very creative, perhaps driving out some of the old smells. After ziegler, a new mayor is coming soon, whether horn, whether high, whether metzner heibt er. It is important in life, in election campaigns and in politics that everyone never overlooks the other person’s mistakes."

Of course, the gardener’s activities also include weeding. "People without heart and soul, fanatics i pay for this. Yes, this attitude is rampant, hurting others to the core." Of course, one can also read about an eye for an eye, but that was not an option for jesus. "In the process, one forgets everywhere, in one’s own eye the giant beam, one does not see one’s own mistakes, although that would be the first christian duty."

Clear statement against afd

The preacher also spoke about the events in his own country. "Even in the afd, there are people who prefer to exclude others altogether. They are experiencing fears and trials because they are already experiencing alienation. To save the christian occident, asylum law and freedom put them in chains. The important thing here is to pull the weeds by the roots, otherwise they will continue to grow and soon there will be nothing left to bleed."

But deacon stapf also held a mirror up to the church’s own institution "because even in sacred church spaces, not only good trees grow". Stapf, on the other hand, was positive about the future: "i’m looking forward to the springtime, when things will blossom and sprout again. Together we can create a paradise in the garden."

The furbitten then flew towards the ceiling of the church and the sky in colorful balloons. All the children received a balloon and the adults a pack of flower seeds to take home with them. Beforehand, the church congregation and worshipers were invited to a small carnival celebration at the church.

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