Children from stadtsteinach eagerly await the performance

Children from Stadtsteinach eagerly await the performance

This year’s motto "reading and movement" for the nationwide reading day was ideal for principal michael pfitzner yesterday friday. Because the stadtsteinach school is a focal point school for sports, and "its" principal simone zimmerer is the reading representative in the district of kulmbach. Together with the teacher susanne wiesenmuller, she had prepared an extensive program for the schools.

Roland wolfrum had already arrived at the schoolhouse in the second lesson. Pfitzer also saw himself as an ideal candidate in his capacity as mayor, chairman of the school association and chairman of the TSV, all rolled into one – as well as a preserved reader and storyteller, who recites one or two stories to the children and young people every year on reading day.

Two reading activities were prepared for the students: a reading game for the younger ones and a decision-making story for the older ones. The students were able to decide for themselves how to continue the story they had heard at the beginning. In different rooms of the school they could find "their" songs story then spun out according to their own imagination.

Acting out a story

The younger children received a card with a part of a story for their reading game, which they were not supposed to read, but to play for the other children. "In the jungle was the topic, and creativity was needed, because how can you represent a monkey or a giraffe?? But the children always came up with something suitable. After that, they were allowed to move around a sporting course in the gymnasium, over a wall bars, through a tunnel, over rough balls, swinging on rings and jumping over a padded obstacle, or even splashing against it. The eighth graders gave the smaller ones a helping hand.

But the highlight of the reading day was vinzenz rauh. The 19-year-old athlete at ATS kulmbach has 15 bavarian championship titles, runs the 100 meters in 11.3 seconds and the 200 meters in 22.5 seconds – much faster than the fastest at the stadtsteinach school. For the children he read the story of a football game. For more than half an hour, they listened attentively and intently, only a few had to chat briefly with their neighbors in between.

Or maybe they just had to quickly tell their neighbor that they understood one thing on reading day: you can be a good athlete and smart in the head at the same time – like vinzenz rauh. Kla

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