Sky’s the limit for hamilton: competition bows out

sky's the limit for hamilton: competition bows out

When lewis hamilton fell in love with the site of his historic triumph, he was moved to think of michael schumacher as well.

"I will always have the utmost admiration and respect, it is a true honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as you," the 35-year-old briton affirmed.

Hamilton is the sole grand prix winning baton as of sunday. The mark of schumacher’s seven world championship miracles can already be set in the next race in three weeks in turkey. "Every race feels like the first," hamilton said in portimao. His first was on 18. March 2007 in melbourne, australia. On the 10. June of the same year, the first victory followed in montreal, canada, 4856 days later the 92nd victory. At the grand prix of portugal.

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Where the coronavirus slowed down athletes and teams

Where the coronavirus slowed down athletes and teams

One of the most important messages of his career was not delivered to liverpool FC fans by megaphone from an open-top bus or over the stadium microphone. But in writing on the homepage of the club.

"If it’s a choice between fubball and the good of society, it’s not a contest. Really not," wrote the 52-year-old at the end of march, when the premier league had suspended its season due to the coronavirus pandemic – and the club’s first championship in more than 30 years was suddenly a long way off again. Slowed down by the virus: LFC is not alone in this in the world of sports.

FC liverpool: the championship and FC liverpool have been a difficult story for a very long time. For 30 years there was no more title for the fans to celebrate. Finally everything spoke for the reds. Jurgen klopp’s team had built up a 25-point lead over second place, and only two more wins were needed to make the triumph mathematically perfect. And then came corona.

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Kilometers eaten for the corona challenge

kilometers eaten for the corona challenge

Alex schott is still amazed. "A total of 39 soccer players from rottershausen and eltingshausen walked 1,753 kilometers in just one week, says the coach of the district league team. This is roughly equivalent to a distance from rottershausen to kiev. "We were marked uber facebook of the ASV ippesheim and thus invited to participate in the corona-challenge", explains peter werner, who is in charge of the facebook page of the FC rottershausen. Each participant named a cent amount that he or she would contribute per kilometer of the total distance of all participants.

"The most diligent was marco seufert with 155.2 kilometers, closely followed by robin wilm with 151.8 kilometers. In the end, the two had quite a duel", reports schott, who has announced that he will donate ten cents per kilometer after 1000 kilometers have been run. Now it is time to relax again. "In the end, things didn’t look quite as smooth as they might have", says schott.

Marco seufert "never thought at the beginning of the week that we would all be walking so much". The beautiful weather and the daily incentive to compare himself with his teammates motivated him to run much more than usual. "After a few days, my legs got heavier and heavier. At the end of the week I was probably one of the slowest runners", tells seufert, who ran a marathon on the final day. "Maybe it was a bit of youthful recklessness. We didn’t expect such a high number of kilometers to be covered. Marco and i ran over 100 kilometers each in the last three days of the challenge," reports schott, tells wilm.

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Few it companies benefit from corona

Few it companies benefit from corona

Many companies in the IT sector have not benefited from the corona crisis, according to a survey. According to the report, more than half of IT service providers (52 percent) have lost contracts this year.

Only five percent of companies see themselves as winners of the crisis, according to a survey of more than 300 IT managers in companies commissioned by the specialist insurer hiscox. The managers were interviewed by bitkom research, the market research company of the industry association of the same name. According to hiscox, the survey is representative.

"On the one hand, it was going through the media every day that the corona crisis meant a big push for digitization," said hiscox manager marc thamm. "But home office or home schooling are just one facet of the rough IT landscape. IT service providers for the travel and event industry, for example, are not doing so well, they are just as affected as other companies."

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Poll:criticism of trump’s corona crisis management grows

Poll:criticism of trump's corona crisis management grows

In a poll released friday by the washington post and ABC, 60 percent said they were negative about trump’s handling of the pandemic, while only 38 percent said they supported trump’s approach. At the end of may, 53 percent were still negative and 46 percent positive. In march, a narrow majority (51 percent) had approved of trump’s action, while 45 percent had rejected it.

Trump adviser kellyanne conway attributed the drop in ratings to the fact that the president no longer appears at corona briefings. It was no coincidence that scores were higher when trump himself raised the corona virus issue, conway told reporters on friday. "The people want to hear from the president of the united states. It doesn’t have to be every day, it doesn’t have to be for two hours, but from my point of view it has to be."Trump had made two day appearances at briefings of the weiben house coronavirus task force. The working group’s briefings are now almost non-existent, and when they do take place, it is without trump.

In the survey, 63 percent said it was more important to control the spread of the virus than to revive the economy. 33 percent expressed the opposite view. At the end of may, these figures were 57 percent and 37 percent, respectively. Trump seeks return to normalcy as quickly as possible to get economy moving again, despite tens of thousands of new corona traps a day. He is running for a second term in the presidential election in november.

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