Castell beams with its french wine queen

Castell beams with its French wine queen

The setting could hardly have been better for the reception of the new french wine queen carolin meyer in her home municipality. Everyone was beaming when the new majesty entered the castle park the day after her election, accompanied by music from rudenhausen, flag delegations and the casteller burgerwehr (castle militia). The sun announced the spring. "We don't have imperial weather, we have queenly weather", as castell's mayor jochen kramer put it.

The many guests from castell and the surrounding area all looked happy. Carolin meyer was flanked by her predecessor klara zehnder from randersacker and elisabeth goger from sand, one of the two competitors for the crown.

The women from greuth, carolin's home village, were already singing their queen song. To the music of neil diamonds "sweet caroline they had written: "we're going home, and the crown is with us". The ladies wore scarves in the magenta color that serves as a sign of recognition for the fans of the 23-year-old wine queen.

Carolin here, carolin there, every guest wanted to congratulate the new majesty and take a picture with her after the official part – a foretaste of the coming months. Every participant seemed proud that for the first time in 64 years, a french wine queen comes from the wine town of castell. Better said, from greuth. "Today we are all greuther", ferdinand furst zu castell had casually stated in his speech.

Ganz greuth celebrates with carolin meyer into the night

At home in greuth, the celebration had already begun the night before. Against 19.The bus with the queen and the fans arrived at 30 o'clock; afterwards, the party went on at the fire station until well into the night. Carolin had already said goodbye before midnight, after all, the next morning was to begin with a radio interview at 8 a.M.

At the reception in castell on saturday afternoon, almost everything that is famous in the region was represented. No wonder, since castell's mayor, jochen kramer, spoke of a "century event" at the funeral for his community. So the wine queen also had to sign the golden book, and the mannergesangverein honored her with a specially composed song.

Carpooling with the district administrator

Carolin meyer received a lot of praise for her performance at the election and many good wishes during the speeches. It wasn't just political office-holders like anja weisgerber and barbara becker who told her to enjoy the time that followed. District administrator tamara bischof suggested to her that they could carpool to festivities from time to time. "Let's see how we get home", she said whimsically.

"They were simply themselves."Ferdinand furst zu castell-castell on carolin meyer's secret to success

Ferdinand furst zu castell-castell knew the secret of why he had been chosen. "They were just themselves. You could feel that they had strong roots." Klara zehnder emphasized the wind of support that carolin meyer had received from her community and the surrounding area. It was really noticeable that everyone was behind her.

Queen and princely house in castell

The fact that the hierarchy in castell is now changing was noted by artur steinmann as president of the french winegrowers' association. In addition to a princely house, there will also be a queen in the future. This will involve a lot of traveling over the next few months, with around 400 appointments scheduled. Harald brugel, chairman of the local winegrowers' association, spoke with visible pride and thanked all those who had made a special commitment to the candidate in the run-up to the election.

Finally, the new french wine queen was allowed to take the microphone herself. Roots and wings were the key words she used: "I have roots in my homeland; I got them from my parents. You gave me the wings yesterday." The reception had touched her very much; the night before in greuth the whole village had been on its feet. Meyer especially thanked her parents, who had always believed in her.

The queen apparently got her serenity from her father, who said: "I was not excited beforehand, and neither was she". For us it will be a little more difficult, because now she can no longer help out at home in the same way. But we will master that."

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