Baiersdorfers look after their children in containers

Baiersdorfers look after their children in containers

The childcare situation in baiersdorf is improving. There are only eight children over the age of three who need a place in the fall and four daycare children. However, another five children are registered as of january. For this reason, the city is setting up a mixed-age group starting in september, which can be divided into two groups depending on the growth of the population.
It is accommodated up to the completion of a kindertagesstatte in containers on the wellerstadter playground. This was already used during the new construction of the kindergarten blumenstrabe so.

Purchase instead of rental container

After a cost comparison by the administration, the council decided by majority vote to buy it. The purchase price of 580,000 euros corresponds to the rent over a period of four years. The containers will certainly be needed for a long time. Because not only is the city building another kindergarten, the protestant church also wants to at least rebuild its facility.
But whether the containers will really be used on 1. September already standing, is still open. This depends on the availability on the market. If not, according to mayor andreas galster (CSU), the new group will have to be accommodated for a few weeks in the multipurpose room of the kindergarten blumenstrabe.
The new kindergarten should be built quickly, the city council has set itself the target. The city-owned land between igelsdorf and hut – the fastest option – had been rejected because of its location in the middle of the corridor. The administration has therefore asked a number of landowners over the past few weeks whether they would be willing to sell their land for this purpose. The answers were mainly positive. Galster presented the possible sites. From the point of view of time frame, the plots of land of the evangelisches siedlungswerk east of the reichelgrundstuck in the hut are out of the question. Although the non-profit organization wants to develop its property, it still needs several years to do so. Galster sees here no completion of the kindergarten within five years. The same applies to a plot of land opposite the senivita facility. Here, an investor who wants to integrate a kindergarten into the storey building is still negotiating with the owners. The municipal plot next to the traffic circle in the direction of hagenau is sufficient from the flat. But it is an architectural challenge because of the proximity to the street. In addition, there is the burden of traffic.This is not the case with a plot of land for sale on birkenweg in igelsdorf. It is located in the area of the land use plan, so that a procedural part for the building permit is omitted. In order to connect the land to the roads, the partially built-up birch road had to be extended to the old county road on the southern edge of the hat. This also allowed the development of part of the land of the settlement plant. By a vote of 15 to four, the council decided to pursue this option further.

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