Arrests, scuffles, block storm – what was that 264. Franconian derby from the point of view of the police?

Arrests, scuffles, block storm - what was that 264. Franconian derby from the point of view of the police?

Until the final whistle it was from the police point of view remained quiet at 264. Franconian derby on saturday in nurnberg. But after the game – greuther furth won at the promotion favorite 1. FC nurnberg with 2:0 (0:0) – police had to deal with several incidents.

A part of the further fans met already in the morning at the further stadium in laubenweg, in order to drive then around 10 o’clock – accompanied by the nurnberger traffic police – in the convoy to nurnberg.
Both the arrival at the grobe strabe and the subsequent march of around 1100 gaste fans were peaceful. Only two participants in this march were conspicuous for burning fireworks. They were later identified and arrested at the entrance to the stadium.

During the game, it came to about 48.000 spectators to no incidents worth mentioning, so that the task forces did not have to become active.

The fact that the fans of the spvgg greuther furth celebrate in the max-morlock-stadium, is not necessarily something new. The 2-0 win was the fourth away victory for the kleeblatter in a frankenderby this decade, a victory that transcended the competition. Only was the fall height for the 1. FCN has rarely been as high as it was this saturday. The second division leaders lost to the relegation candidates – and that in front of an almost sold-out crowd of 47,489 spectators.

After the final whistle, this frustration was obviously vented by some club fans. In the home block burned so far unknown feuerwerkskorper off. They were recorded by the police on video, but the evaluation of the recordings is still pending, it says in the report of the police.

FCN supporters want to storm gas block

As "home fans" the police had to intervene immediately after the final whistle when the crowd moved to the south curve, overcoming the existing barriers. This prevented a direct clash.

Behind the north curve, after the final whistle, there were also scuffles between the security guards and supporters of the 1. FC nurnberg, in which a law enforcement officer suffered injuries. She was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure. A police officer was injured by an exploding bollard. He suffered a blast trauma and had to be taken to hospital. The police have taken up the investigation in this regard. Existing video footage will be analyzed accordingly.

Scuffles and provocations at the sud exit

At the south exit there was a short time of shoving and provocation between both fan camps. The emergency management reacted immediately and intervened with sufficient forces. Several people were arrested before the event. Afterwards, the fans present in the guest block were escorted back to their buses.

In connection with the game, the police recorded several bodily injury offenses, violations of the explosives law (burning of fireworks), and an offense under the narcotics law. Two people had to be turned away before the game because of considerable alcoholism. With regard to the incidents after the game in the vicinity of the stadium, the facts are still being clarified and are being criminally examined in cooperation with the public prosecutor’s office in nurnberg-furth.

In the night to saturday (02./03.03.2018), previously unknown perpetrators also affixed a transparent sign to the television tower in nurnberg-schweinau that was directed against the further fans ("anti-fu"). In this regard, according to the police, the criminal relevance will be examined.

Officers from the central franconian police and the bavarian riot police were deployed at this soccer match.

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