An application and a bar for markus soder

An application and a bar for markus soder

Markus soder must find something about coburg: "always twice" he is coming to coburg, said the bavarian minister-president on thursday evening in the parish center st. Augustin. "Once to the IHK and once to the samba."

The constituent meeting of the new IHK plenum took place on thursday. The new leadership is the old one: friedrich herdan was elected president for another four years, his "vice are andreas engel and peter martin. Soder was the first to be officially congratulated: "unanimously re-elected – I’d like to have that, too."

As usual, herdan used the reception after the plenary session to present extensive analyses and lists of demands. Economically, the coburg region is doing well; the number of jobs is almost as high as in the period immediately after the opening of the border almost 30 years ago, as herdan said. The export quota of manufacturing companies in the city is 73 percent.

Nevertheless, herdan is worried about competitiveness. On the one hand, because germany is doing worse than other countries in terms of education and infrastructure, and on the other hand, because the u.S. And france, for example, are cutting taxes for companies. If germany does not follow suit, the location will become unattractive. In terms of digitization, germany is only in eleventh place among the 28 EU member states.

Soder readily picked up the ball: taxes had to be "freed from ideological ballast" politics must benefit the economy and not burden it. The minister president repeated his commitment to germany as an automotive location and repeatedly criticized his own profession: "governments must deliver and not constantly talk about themselves."

Electricity must also be supplied, reliably and at stable prices, as soder said. "We need a base-load-capable structure, and we need the appropriate networks." Herdan had hinted that this could also mean power lines through the coburg region. A high-tech location like coburg needs security of supply.

Herdan also asked for bavarian support for more ICE stops in coburg and a regional planning procedure for a rail link between the coburg network and south thuringia. "It’s only eleven kilometers, that’s not so much." Another request: soder should support the region’s efforts to become a model region for mobile applications. For that, he said, a regional 5G license is being applied for. The corresponding motion was then handed over to soder.

Soder did not say goodbye with culinary specialties, but with a rarity: hermannteddy celebrated his 200th birthday. Birthday of prince albert put on a new plushable. Soder received the first to leave the plant. It bears the number 2. The number 1 always remains in the company, said friedrich herdan.

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