Altenburg needs a new emergency access road

Altenburg needs a new emergency access road

The rinnersteig, which leads from wildensorger strabe up to altenburg, has for years fulfilled its function as an emergency access road to the bamberger landmark only to a limited extent. The street, which is closed to the public, is located in an active area of slippage and is becoming increasingly unsafe and narrow because its upper edge is visibly collapsing. The altenburgverein, as the lord of the castle, has therefore been calling for a second, safe access road for some time in case the regular access road via altenburger strabe is blocked. After a landslide many years ago this was the case.

For walkers, the city created a forest path in spring 2011 that branches off from the rinnersteig and leads to the castle at a safe distance past the quarry edge. Now the city's construction department is proposing to widen this road and make it load-bearing enough so that it can also be used by tanker and rescue vehicles in an emergency. If the nature conservation advisory council agrees to the associated encroachment on the burgwald forest, the forest road could be upgraded so that tanker and rescue vehicles can drive over it.

Nine trees are expected to fall. As a balance is talked about. Parts of the rinnersteig roadway to be renaturalized.

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