A unique ambience

A unique ambience

Wolfgang heyder heads the SPD kultur AG and is therefore the "doer at the ellertaler kulturherbst, which ended on saturday – how could it be otherwise – with a sold out reh-saal and storms of applause for wolfgang krebs.

After seven stages, the 2018 goal has been reached! What was your or. The spectator highlight?

A great, successful cultural autumn came to an end, with several full houses, a good atmosphere, lots of laughs, the best entertainment and something for everyone’s taste.

Every single artist has convinced, for me an absolute highlight was arnd ruhlmann with his hanuta gonzalez, fulminant also the concert with gunter sigl and of course wolfgang krebs with his inimitable politician roles!

The range of entertainment on offer in the bamberg area is becoming increasingly coarse. How can the ellertaler kulturherbst retain its cult status?

The ellertaler kulturherbst will always have a unique selling point in the time-honored brewery halls, with the incomparable atmosphere and the proximity to the artist. This simply must not die out! This is fun for everyone involved and that is why it is so successful!

Are there already plans for the fall of 2019??

The program is already set, two days are betrayed: "sixpack" comes with the new program; with beier and hang come ellertal-newcomers, which are however long no more secret tip.

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